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Archive for September, 2015

Silverthin™ Releases New Slewing Rings & Pinions Catalogue

Silverthin™ Slewing Ring Bearings Silverthin™ Bearing Group, manufacturer of precision thin section bearings,  has finally released it’s much anticipated slewing rings and pinions catalogue. A slewing bearing, commonly known as a turntable bearing, is typically a high capacity bearing used for significant axial and moment loads at minimal speeds.  Slewing bearings are known for their compact […]

Each Moment is Important to Us! Accounting for Moment Loads with Thin-Section Bearings

Radial, Axial and Moment Loads There are three main loads to consider when selecting a bearing in any engineering application: radial, axial (or thrust) and moment loads.   A radial load is any force applied perpendicular to the center axis of an object, an axial load acts parallel to the center axis of an object […]

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