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Carter Manufacturing present new UNASIS Aerospace Bearing Tool Manuals

Carter Manufacturing present the newly published UNASIS Aerospace Bearing Tooling Operation Manuals

UNASIS Tri Roller Bearing ToolsUNASIS Aerospace bearing mounting and dismounting tools have been the UK’s fastest growing aerospace tooling product range over the past couple of years. Product development and improvement over standard tool designs available on the market have given our Customers the ability to install and remove their bearings faster and with less failure rate than before. This has increase production capacity and also improved bottom line profit says Erick Sloan, Lead Technical Sales Engineer from Carter Manufacturing Limited.

Unasis Bearings and Tools

The correct installation of bearings can save time and dramatically increase the life of bearings, as well as maximising the availability of critical plant and machinery by avoiding costly breakdowns. The key here is to ensure that the appropriate tools for the mounting of the bearings are on hand for the engineer at the installation/assembly stage. Using the correct tools ensures that bearings are mounted easily and quickly without causing damage to the bearings or surrounding equipment and in a safe and reliable way.
Unasis Bearings and Tools
The more critical the application, the more important it is to ensure the bearings are fitted correctly first time, every time. V-grooved bearings, for example, are widely used in aerospace and motor-sports applications. On aircraft airframes, V-grooved bearings are used in critical areas such as actuator flaps and landing gear. In some applications, V-grooved bearings are used in suspension systems and struts. By using the most appropriate installation tools, the bearing can be better seated in the housing, will perform its function better and is far less likely to be damaged.

There are 7 new instruction manuals. Click on the image below to download a copy of the guide.

Unasis Portable Tri Roller Tool  Unasis Portable Proof Loader            

These guides are also available via the Information Zone link at the top of the page.

Carter Manufacturing are able to offer full on site competency training sessions that will ensure your team members are taking advantage of the most up to date methods of correctly mounting and dismounting your aerospace bearings. If you would like an on site demonstration of the UNASIS aerospace bearing tooling or  if your team members require competency training please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

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