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Cam Followers Bearings

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Carter Manufacturing Inc specializes in prototyping and manufacturing high precision bearings for both standard and specialized applications in industries such as chemical, food processing and industrial. Carter Manufacturing maintains a large inventory of standard bearings which means we can meet your needs promptly. For special applications, we can modify one of our standard bearings or provide a custom product to meet your specific needs. Whether you need a standard or custom product, you can count on Carter to deliver your order quickly.

Standard Needle Cam Followers and Cam Yoke Rollers

Standard Needle Cam Followers and Cam Yoke Rollers

Carter standard type bearings are easily mounted and ideally suited for many Cam or Track roller applications with moderate loading and shock. The bearings are sealed to help prevent contamination and retain lubrication. This standard is recommended for applications where the stud hole can be accurately machined to within +.0000″ and -.0005″. For other types of applications where these tolerances cannot be held to these limits, the eccentric type is recommended.

The outer race on the Carter Cam Followers is high carbon chrome bearing steel through-hardened and ground. The studs and inner races are low carbon alloy steel carburized and induction hardened. A zone hardened raceway leaves the shank end ductile. The needle rollers are high carbon chrome bearing steel through hardened and ground.

The Carter needle bearing cam followers are available sealed with a slotted head, a hexagonal socket, or a crowned OD. We also offer sealed or unsealed needle bearing cam yoke rollers for supporting heavier loads.

Stainless Steel Xtenda Series™

This series is ideal for chemical, food services, and harsh environment applications.
The Stainless Cam Followers and Cam Yoke Rollers are used in a wide number of standard and special applications. Our bearings are in use throughout the world, operating reliably in a multitude of chemical, food and industrial environments

Xtenda Series™ Benefits:

  • Extend your machinery bearing life and reduce routine maintenance costs.
  • Minimize expensive shut-downs due to bearing failure.
  • Tight Seal Cam Followers and Cam Yoke Rollers minimize bearing contamination and keep your machinery running smoothly.
  • Stainless Bearings use a food grade-lubricant.
  • Large selection of standard sizes (1/2″ to 2″) available from stock.

Hi-Roller™ Idler Rollers

Hi-Roller bearings are designed for applications where both radial and thrust loading are present. They are available with either deep groove ball or tapered roller bearings, and are capable of running at much higher speeds than most needle bearing cam followers. These are also available in yoke type configuration.
All Hi-Roller bearings are tightly sealed with an expansion plug on one end and radial contact lip seals on the bearings. This makes them ideal for use in environments where dust or high moisture is present.

Neverlube™ Cam followers and Bearings

Carter’s advanced design self-lubricating sleeve bearing provides continuous, dependable lubrication for the life of the unit. As the bearing operates, the lubrication penetrates through the porous inner sintered bronze bushing by capillary action providing continuous, dependable lubrication for the life of the bearing.
Neverlube bearings are interchangeable with standard types of needle roller bearings dimensionally and otherwise, so can be substituted for the standard range.

Special Bearings

If you have a special application you can count on Carter to deliver the high precision bearings you need.
We can modify any of our standard, proven high precision bearings to give you the exact design feature you want:

  • Custom materials and finishes
  • High / Low temperature modifications
  • Special relube port options
  • Stud configurations and more…

Mounting Cam Followers

Mounting Cam Followers:
Cam Followers should be mounted on a housing of sufficient strength to resist deformation under the load applied.

The face of the housing should be flat and square against the housing which should have a diameter large enough to support the bearing side washer.

Any pressure required for mounting should be applied to the non rotating are of the head of the stud. The clamping nut should be tightened to the specified clamping torque.

Mounting Cam Yoke Rollers:
Cam yoke rollers should be mounted with support on each side to prevent disassembly.

The recommended shaft diameters shown in the product selection chart provide for either a slip or press fit. The shaft should be heat treated and press fit in the bearing bore for heavy loaded applications.

With moderate loads and hardened shafts, a slip fit is sufficient. A slip or push fit and an unhardened shaft can be used in light applications.

Endwise clamping of the cam yoke rollers should be provided to prevent axial movement and displacement of the end washer. A flat housing shoulder, which is square with the centreline of the bearing, should be provided for holding the washer. This should be at least as large as the minimum clamping diameter shown in the chart to provide adequate washer support.

For heavily loaded applications, the ideal mounting arrangement is to have a drive or press fit in the bore of the inner ring, the bearing clamped endways over the endplates and the shaft hardened. If the load is moderate a push fit may be used and the shaft not hardened.

If not desired to clamp the bearing endwise it is essential to have a close fit axially on the yoke in which the bearing is mounted – this is to prevent the bearing end plates displacing axially.


Recommended mounting illustration:

Polycoated Bearings
Carter has added a complete new line of polycoated bearings. Polycoated bearings can be used for standard and specialized applications where noise reduction, reduced wear and non-marking are important factors in operations.

Food-grade polyurethane available on stainless bearings.

  • Reduced wear on cam tracks
  • Other colors/durometers available
  • Reduces noise
  • Non-marking material
  • Improved traction
  • Short lead times

Carter Cam Follower and Yoke Roller bearings are used in the following applications:

Canning machines, bottling machines, steel mills, metal finishing machines, military vehicles, rail slides and doors, oil and gas drilling equipment, overhead lifting for oil and gas, pipe clamping, vehicle tail lifts, extending fork lifts, cold storage trolleys, heavy duty gates, pallet trucks, conveyor systems, cam locking mechanisms, gantry cranes, food processing, food weighing machines, air frame track rollers, chain sheaves, sprocket idlers, fork truck mast guides, mechanical automation, rotary indexing tables, rotary precision equipment, linear motion, robotic manipulation, automotive applications, high vacuum industry, roller support and scarfing machine, bar peeling, backup rolls, levelling machines, pre tension rollers, wire guides, wire forming, wire straightening, laser guidance systems, CNC rotary machines, baggage handling equipment, passenger lifts, aerospace gantries and walkways, cranes, crushers, environmental test equipment, scissor lifts to name a few.

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