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Cobra Product Line



Cobra Solid Lubricant (CSL)

This is the most popular model as it is the most versatile. The solid lubricant allows the bearing to spin free regardless of the temperature. Therefore, it is perfect for many idler, packaging, food and radiation applications. It is also well suited for assembly lines and conveyor applications including paint and powder coat lines.

Models include:


Operational Temperature Range: -150F to +250F (-101.11C to 121.11C) 

-Stainless steel bearings may be required for subzero temperatures


Operational Temperature Range: 250F to 450F (121.11C to 232.22C)

-Increased clearance (C4) may be required for temperatures above 300F (148.89C)


Operational Temperature Range: 450F to 660F (232.22C to 348.89C)

-Increased clearance (C4) may be required for temperatures above 300F (148.89C) along with heat stabilized bearings at temperatures above 450F (232.22C)

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