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Cobra Ultra High Speed Solid Lubricant

Cobra Solid Lubricant Hex Bore Bearing

This bearing achieves to highest speeds, quietest and smoothest performance of all CSL products. This is because of the proprietary UTA Nano Technology. It vastly increases service life due to its unprecedented ability to reduce wear caused by high speed, high loads and high temperatures. The unique size and shape of the nanomaterial used results in superior performance.

This bearing will have a tacky feel, a slightly stronger drag than the standard CSL model and will leave black residue on that hands but this is not harmful and is easily washed off.

Models include:


Operational Temperature Range: 32F to +250F (0C to 121.11C) 


Operational Temperature Range: 250F to 450F (121.11C to 232.22C)

-Increased clearance (C4) may be required for temperatures above 300F (148.89C)


Operational Temperature Range: 450F to 660F (232.22C to 348.89C)

-Increased clearance (C4) may be required for temperatures above 300F (148.89C) along with heat stabilized bearings at temperatures above 450F (232.22C)

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