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Carter attending PBExpo, 13-14 March 2019

Carter Manufacturing will attend the PBExpo 2019 held on 13-14 March held at Broward County Convention Center, Fort Lauderdale.

The aviation sector is set to achieve record results in 2019 if the current trends continue. There has been a global increase of more than 7% in air travel compared to 2017. The Asia-Pacific market share has climbed to a whopping 35% compared to the previous 11.3% back in 2015. Translated into a number that is an estimated £1.1 billion. Both the aerospace and aviation fields within the military will likely see influxes of capital due to literal billions of dollars being poured in the United States military (DJT requesting $686 billion). This includes $10.7 billion to buy 77 F-35As (Lightning II, 5th generation), $3 billion for 15 new KC-46 tankers (replacing the existing KC-135), and roughly 2 billion for 24 F/A-18s.

The show brings the aviation community together in one location with keynote presentations and educational sessions as well as an extensive exhibit hall with networking events. A quote taken from a PBExpo 2018 keynote speaker Terry Jones, founder of Travelocity – “The future is a foreign country and they do things differently there!“. The aviation industry is the future, and it does things differently.

The PBExpo is not just another aviation tradeshow. It’s a technology show for the aviation industry with innovations and emerging technologies on display from a variety of aviation sectors such as aerospace, business, cargo, commercial, cyber security & IT, defense and space.

Manufactures must ramp up production in order to accommodate the ever-growing demand for aircraft parts, as we can expect aircraft deliveries to end in 2019 with slightly more than 2,500 units. As OEM’s increase their production rates the risk that suppliers may face difficulties in ramping up their productions is ever increasing.

We at Carter Manufacturing are proud to confirm that we are equipped and ready to continue the delivery of aerospace bearings and aerospace bearing installation & removal tools. Our installation, removal and validation tooling are available for a variety of applications including landing gear, door systems, engine mounts and airframe structures. Standard tools for MS series bearings as well as custom design tools are available on short lead times.

In addition we will continue to technically support our customers. We look forward to seeing you at the show.

If you can’t attend the show or meet with us, why not get in touch with us today.

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