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Carter Manufacturing custom Stainless Steel Slewing Bearing after use in an Ultra High Vacuum for 6 years.

Carter Manufacturing custom Collimator Carrousel Bearing is still going strong after 6 years under extreme Ultra High Vacuum environmental conditions.


Carter Manufacturing got involved with the project back in April 2007 when approached by a world leading ion beam research laboratory in Oxfordshire to design and supply a bespoke non magnetic stainless steel slewing ring bearing to rotate the instrumentation of a high-resolution magnetic diffractometer.


For the multi-purpose diffractometer, it is convenient to adjust the geometrical resolution to the requirements of the specific problem, whenever relaxing the resolution results in a significant increase in flux. On this project it is accomplished by varying the horizontal divergence of the primary beam by means of a series of interchangeable guide sections. The beam transport before the final “guide carousel” is based on a ballistic guide, and is designed to cater for a variety of resolution options.


The bearing is a 750mm Diameter 304 Stainless Steel Four Point Contact Hybrid Ball Bearing which is incorporated into a custom 304 Stainless Steel Externally Geared Slewing Ring. The bearing used directly above a Tesla and is designed to be fully Non Magnetic and capable of operating in an Ultra High Vacuum of 1×10-9 running without grease lubrication.

ISIS Target Station 2 building progress, WISH beamline, 20th Jan

A recent inspection confirms that the bearing is now in its’ 6th year of operation and is still going strong.

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Author: Edward White, Carter Manufacturing Limited

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