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Custom Slewing Ring Seals

There are many sealing solutions for our Custom Lightweight Slewing Rings depending on your particular application. In some cases, you’ll require a low fiction seal or a static type seal. In other cases, the space requirements are limited and a low-profile seal is ideal. Sometimes there is a high-pressure differential and a high-pressure gap seal is necessary. The standard seal material is NBR (Nitride Butane Rubber) and we offer alternatives such as Viton, Silicon, and Neoprene. 


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Seal Profile Name A [mm] B [mm] Diameter Range [mm] Information
R2 1.5 2.7 >200 Static Seal
R3 2.3 4 >200 Static Seal
R4 3.1 5.4 >200 Static Seal
S4 5 13 >200 Normal seal with low friction
S5 11 9 >400 Gap seal with protected bearing
S6 9 10 >200 Heigh pressure caused by spring-loaded sealing lip. Ideal for oscilating movements.
S7 7 5 >200 Gap seal with protected bearing for low space requirements
S9 7 17 >400 Robust seal with increased friction

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