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Hybrid and Ceramic Bearings

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Traditionally bearings have been manufactured from Chrome Steel which is limited in it’s ability to be used in applications where severe environmental conditions such as high or low temperature extremes exist. There has been a surge in bearing material development over the last decade with new materials being brought into production to meet these grueling application demands. These new bearing materials can better cope with reduced lubrication, higher speeds and higher loads. There is a ceramic or hybrid bearing capable of providing a solution to your application requirements.

Ceramic and Hybrid bearings have been used widely throughout a host of nuclear, vacuum, cryogenic, high speed, insulating and non-magnetic applications. Please get in touch so that our team can help you select the right materials.



Hybrid and Ceramic Bearings Materials
Ceramic Materials 1-2
Metal Materials 3-4
Cage Materials 4-5
Lubrication Materials 6-8
Ceramic Balls 9
Full Ceramic Bearings
Application Page 10
Full Ceramic Part Numbering System 11
Suggested combinations 12
Hybrid Bearings
Application Page 13-14
Hybrid Part Numbering System 15
Suggested combinations 16

Hybrid Bearings

Hybrid bearings are constructed of steel inner and outer rings with ceramic rolling elements in place of steel.

Conventional all steel bearings limit design as technology rolls forward at a fantastic rate. Machinery speeds increase as production demands maximum efficiency and reliability with the highest output quality. As a result, loads and operational environments become more demanding. Hybrid bearings using Silicon Nitride balls (Si3N4) meet and exceed today’s requirements offering a long list of characteristics far superior to that of conventional all-steel bearings. As the bearing components are produced from dissimilar materials many of the issues associated with metal to metal contact between the races and the balls are reduced or completely eliminated.

Carter offer full technical consultation, application review, internal engineering design, custom manufacture, bearing product validation through testing. We ensure that the correct combination of components are selected ensuring that bearings are suitable for your exact requirements.

Ceramic Bearings

Ceramic bearings are perfect for many applications where standard bearings are unable to operate or in instances where lubrication is an issue. Renowned for their resistance to heat, ceramic materials have long been used for applications where temperatures exceed those of standard bearing steels. Applications requiring bearings to have insulating properties or applications such as ultra high vacuum where lubricants can’t be used will be ideal candidates for ceramic bearings.

Carter Bearings has been involved in the specification of Hybrid and Ceramic bearings for our customers since 1999 and as a result we have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in this field.

If you are looking for a product that may need a little more discussion, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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