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Cobra Solid Lubricant


Cobra Solid Lubricants are graphite based solid lubricants injected into clean bearings, either ball or roller, then thermally cured and hardened. The mixture nearly fills 100% of the space between inner and outer races and encapsulates the balls or rollers along with the cage.

The graphite solid lubrication moves in conjunction with the cage and balls or rollers and deposits a thin film of graphite along every surface it comes in contact with. This thin film prevents metal to metal contact thus minimizing the coefficient of friction within the raceway.


• Lubricants will not be washed out or adversely affected by steam or chemical wash down. This is particularly interesting in food processing applications as it will not dissolve or fall apart during washout or wash-down procedure.
• Lubricants can be used submerged in most chemicals (even mild acid or alkali) because it will not dissolve.
• Lubricants will not drip out or fling the lubricant from the bearing.
• Most external contaminates are restricted from entering and damaging the bearing.
• Most external contaminates will not “stick” to the exterior of the bearing and thus the bearings will be cleaner than with oil or grease.
• Lubricant provides continuous replenishment of graphite lubricant on all internal moving parts.
• Bearings treated with Cobra Solid Lubricants spin very free and are very energy efficient.
• The dry lubricant provides for a constant turning torque regardless of temperature variation.
• Working constantly at high or low temperatures with no change in torque and no need for seals or shields. It withstands abrupt exposure to extreme heat (such as the opening of a furnace door) in which case a normal grease would burn out.
• Lubricant withstands moderate radiation found in sterilization processes where even high quality grease dry up and solidify.

Some examples of CSL used in every day applications.

  • The Aerospace industry uses the solid lubricant bearings in conveyor roller systems ensuring your baggage arrives at the terminal on time.
  • In Agriculture crop spraying equipment use solid fill bearings to prevent grease being washed out of the bearings.
  • During the agitation process of asphalt and tarmac manufacturing Cobra solid fill helps lubricate bearings at the extremely high temperatures.
  • Automotive production lines use solid fill bearings to keep things running smoothly especially in the spray booths where chemicals and solvents are used to wash down equipment.
  • Bearings running above or around baking and ovens are normally problematic as contamination could easily occur if the bearings fail. The CSL range is NSF approved and is H1 compliant ensuring food remains safe even if incidental contact occurs.
  • High levels of steam and chemicals in board manufacturing would most certainly wash lubricants from bearings without extensive external sealing. CSL and CSL-V products perform perfectly without the need for excessive bearing protection.
  • Brick making requires clay to be fired at high temperature to bake the bricks. CSL products are used in the oven karts to withstand the temperature during the bake process.
  • Car washes are extremely bad for bearing applications as the grease is easily washed out and removed but thanks to the CSL and CSL-V applications the rollers can keep spinning without losing their grease.
  • Mining, quarry, stone crushing, stone cutting, building construction and cement manufacturing are processes that poses real problems for bearing lubricants such as moisture, contamination, particulate contamination, corrosion and oxidation. The full range of CSL solid fill bearings are used in these industry applications.
  • Ceramics are fired at high temperatures that often cause standard lubrication failure in the rotating pedestal assemblies that carrying the ceramics.
  • Chemical manufacturing and processing require pumps to keep operational under the most severe conditions where levels of corrosion and lubricant contamination are high. Cobra solid filled are bearings not only resistant to the chemicals but also provide oxidation and contamination protection.
  • Conveyors use a large number of bearings for their idlers and rollers. Most of the time these bearings are unable to be maintained if they are inaccessible or there are just too many to look after. Cobra has a range of specialist conveyor bearings that are free spinning and low running torque that reduce strain on drive motors and can save a fortune by lowering the energy required of the drive motor.
  • Dryers in all shapes and sizes ranging from the basic washroom hand dryer to the more sophisticated wafer spin and rinse dryers all need free running, low torque and high speed bearings. CSL offers the perfect solution.
  • Film manufacturing and processing has been a bearing lubricant killer for years. Now thanks to CSL solid lubricant bearings the chemicals, wash-down and contaminants no longer pose a problem to bearings in these applications.
  • Steel foundry and steel production are industries where Carter are experts as we have solutions such as high temperature bearings and CSL filled bearings that enable levellers, rollers and extruders to keep running at extreme temperatures.
  • Similar to the Steel Industry Glass manufacturing and processing require bearings to withstand extreme temperatures and also prevent the ingress of foreign particulate. CSL keeps bearings rotating smoothly at high temperatures. Oxidation is particularly a problem in glass manufacture and incinerators, fortunately there is a solution in the CSL-EPN product range.
  • Laboratories and scientific research use solid fill bearings where a high level of cleanliness is required. Standard bearing lubricants are not suitable for vacuum applications. CSL-V is the perfect solution as it can operate in a low vacuum or negative pressure environment.
  • Material handling and warehousing applications experience bearing problems due to particle build-up or ingress of dust and contaminants into bearings. The solid lube bearings can provide solutions in wheel bearings, mast guide bearings, path rollers, conveyor rollers and guide rollers.
  • If you have ever been in an aluminium extrusion, metal manufacturing, processing and fabrication factory you would have experienced one of the most severe environments for bearings. Fine metal particulate is everywhere despite the use of the most sophisticated prevention methods. Bearing lubricants and metal particulate are not friends. But thanks to the solid fill bearings these problems are a thing of the past. Particulate can no longer ingress into the bearing or contaminate the lubricants.
  • Paper manufacturing and processing require pumps to keep operational under the most severe conditions where levels of corrosion and lubricant contamination are high. Cobra solid filled are bearings not only resistant to the chemicals but also provide oxidation and contamination protection.
  • Printing and inks cause bearing failure when the very fine ink powder makes its way past the bearing seal and into the lubrication. This fine powder contaminates the lubricant and causes premature bearings failures. Similar problems have been solved by Carter in cash counting and cash dispensing machines (ATM).
  • There are few applications more aggressive and corrosive to bearings than sewage, human waste contaminated water processing and purification. Traditionally exotic and very expensive bearing materials such as Inconel had to be used in these applications to make bearings last but thankfully Carter have the perfectly tailored solution for your application in the form of dry film bearing protective coatings and CSL solid fill lubricants.
  • Textile manufacture and textile screen printing require standard and thin section bearings that rotate freely and operate with low torque. Often the application such as screen printing does not allow for a large profile bearing to be used. Thin section bearings are selected instead. Filling the thin section bearing with solid fill lubricant gives it environmental sealing as well as the ultimate lubrication solution.

The product range is broken down into 4 basic groups.
Cobra Solid Fill Selection Chart

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