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Split Thin Section Bearings

Unasis Thin Section Catalogue ยป

The Unasis range comprises of a number of different bearing and cage assembly constructions, offering cost effective solutions to very difficult radial and linear engineering applications.

Split Thin Section Bearings

  • Split Thin Section Bearing Range
  • The Wire Ball Bearing range
  • Linear Ball Cages, Ball Bearing Cages & Needle Roller Cage Assemblies
  • Radial & Axial Needle Rollers Cage Assemblies
  • Linear Ball Cages
  • Ball Bearing Cages

The Unasis split bearings offer a revolutionary thin section bearing design. The split inner and outer ring design of the bearing allows the bearing preload to be determined by the shaft and the housing fits enabling the clearance or preload settings to be set in the design stage of the application, therefore, reducing the costs of requesting special preloads to be set into the bearing on factory assembly.

This product range is available in metric and imperials sizes. It is available as standard in 420C stainless steel. Unasis have the capability to produce specials on exceptionally short production lead times, options include non standard sizes, special cage constructions and ceramic balls.

Unasis Split Thin Section Bearing Series


The slim split bearing series are identified by the part numbers; DVA, HFXD, IAA***XV, ICA***XV, IDA***XV, IUA***XV, ID***CV, ID***AV, IA***XV, IC***XV, ID***XV, IS***XV, IU***XV, PFAC, PFXC, IZ***XV-RL, IZ***AV-RL, IPTI*** and IKT***.

More information regarding each option is available in our
product catalogue.

The Wire Ball Bearing Range

The Unasis range of wire guide ball bearing offers a space saving capability allowing the design engineer the ability to design the ball grooves into the surrounding material and fitting the bearing assembly directly into this area.

The advantages are a high static and dynamic capacity, freedom of choice for surrounding materials from steel, stainless steel, bronze & aluminium. The combination offers a high precision and light weight revolutionary solution.

The Unasis wire ball bearings are identified by the following part numbers; DSE, DSED, DFX, DFXD, KED, KEDD, KER, KVE, MVE, ZVE – more information regarding each option is available in our product catalogue.

Radial & Axial Needle Roller and Cage Strip Assemblies

Radial & Axial Needle Roller and Cage Strip Assemblies

The Unasis radial needle roller and cage assemblies consist of plastic cage strips for needle rollers, produced to length and filled with rolling elements.

Seven types of needle roller are available at sizes between 1.5 mm to 12 mm and can be supplied cut to length or in roll to be cut to length on installation. Cutting the cage strip assemblies is easy and can be done using cutting equipment such as pliers or shears.

The cage end play recommended by the manufacturer should be noted when deciding on the length of cage strip to be cut.

The joint produced in assembly remains open. There is no adverse effect on the operation of the radial needle roller ring and cage assembly due to the open joint.

The Cage Assemblies can be identified by the part numbers; ASS, ASXK, AXK, KEBF, KKBF, KKRK, SKE, SRE

The needle rollers (NRB) are contained and guided in the roller pockets and are in accordance with DIN 5402 / ISA 3096.

Unasis Linear Ball Cages

Unasis Linear Ball Cages

Unasis has been involved in the developed of roller bearing components for track systems and special cages for all types of roller bodies, such as balls, rollers and needle rollers. The main customers for this product range stretches from reputable roller bearing and linear system manufacturers in Europe and abroad to major manufacturers of industrial equipment.

While rotating roller bearings have been used in modern industry for more than 100 years, bearings for linear movement and industrial linear system manufacturers are relatively recent.

Expensive mechanically produced metal cages were the main components of many linear bearing units in the past. These cages had neither guides nor suitable roller supports, which were already standard in the roller bearing industry. This product range addresses the requirements of modern manufacturing.

The Unasis Ball cages are identified by the following part numbers; KKLK – filled with balls, KKLK 101 – linear ball cage with guide and support, KKVK – compound ball cage, KKAK …L – flat ball cage, KKNK 104 – ball mesh roller cage, KKXL-01 / 02 – cross roller cage, KKXL-03 / 06 / 09 – cross roller cage tape, KKBN (SLS) – cross roller cage, KKBN 06 (SLS) – example of order / inquiry, KLBF – flat roller cage, KLBF 5020 – flat roller cage (ZW), KKFF – needle roller / flat roller cage, KKHW – angle flat cage, special linear ball cage, KKLR / KKVR angle flat cage, KKXV cross roller cage, KKUK / KKUX / KKUR circumferential cage – more information regarding each option is available in our product catalogue.

Unasis Ball Bearing Cages


The Unasis cage strips are available in metre lengths and can be used for ball or roller tracks for different diameters. The custom cage design profile is unique where the bearing contact sliding area or surface has been strengthened and the ball pocket is more pronounced allowing the cage to be bent to small running circle diameters.

Unasis bearing cages and cage strips provide quiet and even motion. The Unasis bearing cages can be identified by the following part numbers; KKLK – filled with balls, KK 100 – cage strip with guide and retainer, KK 101 – cage strip opened as snap-on cage, KK 102 – cage strip without ball retainer, KK 107 – cage strip with guide and retainer, KKVK 101 – compound ball cage, KKAK – axial ball cage strip, KKAK… A – axial ball cage, KKAK… R – radial ball cage, KKAK… S – skew ball cage, needle roller cage, KKRK (KKBF) needle roller cage strip, roller cage, KKRR 207 radial roller cage strip, KK 202 radial / cross roller cage strip, KKXR cross roller cage strip, KVSR skew roller cage, AXK axial rollers, KKBF radial rollers – more information regarding each option is available in our product catalogue.

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