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The high temperatures that are found in the steel industry mean that standard bearings are unsuitable as the temperature cause metals to expand, polymers to weaken and greases to melt.

With our high temperature bearings we keep turning when others can't stand the heat.

For many years Carter has been developing and supply new ideas for a large number of customers within the Oil and Gas industry.

Drawing on years of experience we always have new bearing ideas in the pipeline

The semiconductor industry is renowned for the use of exotic materials and chemical processes that they need to bring us all the convenience of the modern computer chip.

With our expertise we have helped to keep your computer chip production sterile

The nuclear industry draws on the needs of a large variety of specialist applications.

Carter bearings have allowed pioneering research to resolve problems and take the
next step forward

The precise nature of medical applications often combined with a requirement for non-magnetic, corrosion resistant and lubrication free bearings makes hybrid and ceramic bearing ideal.

Super precision bearings are able to be precise when every micron counts

Many of Europe's largest cities rely on their rail networks to provide fast and efficient transportation for a large proportion of their population and are, by many, viewed as a major growth industry in the next decade.

Ingenious solutions to old problems enable your trains to stay on track

A number of the traditional bearing greases and materials are incompatible with the chemicals used or cleanliness required in the pharmaceutical industry and with regular clean downs with aggressive cleaning agents traditional bearings will not last long.

Carter bearings are able to cure your pharmaceutical bearing headache

From flap actuators to instrumentation, from fuel valves to door latches all aerospace bearings come with the stringent quality assurances.

Aerospace approved bearings keep critical components working while you're 38000ft up

Carter bearings have specially designed and specified bearings that work superbly in a whole host of high vacuum applications. Using vacuum compatible greases or various dry film lubricants, carter bearings are able to still work at the even the extreme vacuum pressures.

We are able to deliver bearings when others can't handle the pressure

Around 75‰ of motorsport research and development takes place in the UK and situated in the so-called motorsport valley Carter bearings are well placed to serve the motorsport industry.

Carter specialised bearings enable the wheels to keep turning on the next generation of race car

A great number of defence companies have a large proportion of their business situated within the UK and companies up and down the country depend on their continual investment.

Carter bearing solutions help radar identify threats and keep troops safe worldwide

We have many years experience dealing with cryogenics industry, not only because carter employees have extended knowledge of the cryogenics industry but being situated in an area that has more companies based around cryogenics than any other area in Europe.

Carter bearings keep rotating even when your 200° below

The micron positioning of lens is what allows us to watch movies on the big screen or see into microscopic cells. Smooth motion is critical to being able to see things clearly in everything from cameras to microscopes.

Our bearings help
you see the

The gas turbine industry has been one that Carter has spent a long time working with in great detail and as such has developed a large knowledge base and understanding of the industry and its bearing demands.

Highly specialised bearings help boost power generation in gas turbines

Thin section bearings make it possible for robots to pivot, swivel, hinge and twist into
new forms of production

The growth in renewable energy sources has been vast as all the main energy providers search for a viable alternative to the burning of fossil fuels.

Carter hybrid ball bearings are helping wind turbines turn a new leaf in energy generation

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November 9th, 2020

When a major manufacturer of medical machinery needed to minimise the size of its equipment it turned to Oxford-based Carter Bearings for some solutions With hospital space at a premium even before the advent of any surges in demand, the need to maximise ward, bed, theatre and laboratory space by minimising the size of medical […]


September 8th, 2020

For the last 5 years, Oxford-based Carter Bearings has provided support to one of the UK’s leading teams in the Formula Student motorsport series, a prestigious racing programme organised and overseen by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE). One of the leading entrants in it, the Oxford Brookes Racing (OBR) team, sponsored by Oxford-based Carter […]


September 17th, 2019

Carter experts Karl, Mike, Hussain and Mel finished a busy week last Thursday as the 2019 DSEI Exhibition drew to a close. Recognised as one of the UK defence and security industry’s premier events, the exhibition is a showcase for the very best related technologies, making it a natural place for Carter Bearings to be […]

Carter Bearings welcomed as key Member of pivotal pan-European industry Association

September 4th, 2019

Based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, European precision bearing manufacturer and supplier Carter Bearings has been welcomed as a valuable new member by the influential European Power Transmission Distributors Association (EPTDA). With its Headquarters in Brussels, the EPTDA has been a focal point of the European power transmission industry since 1998, and represents market leaders of all […]

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