Aerospace Bearing Heaters

A range of three completely controllable, state-of-the-art bearing heaters specifically designed for the exacting demands of the aerospace sector.

The UNASIS Aerospace Bearing Heater is suitable for a wide range of bearing sizes with an OD of 25mm up to 600mm, and weights from just 100g up to 600kg.

These are state-of-the-art Aerospace Bearing Heaters providing solutions to flight critical bearings. 


Eliminates Excessive Thermal Expansion Mismatch

When a bearing is heated in an oven or conventional bearing heater, the inner ring will heat up and expand faster than the outer ring. Also, in an oven, there is no way to control this thermal expansion differential, which in some cases can exceed the bearing clearances and lead to false brinelling (or minor indentations on the raceway) occurring. As many machinery and equipment manufacturers have discovered, this can cause premature bearing failure in application. Further, there is no way to determine what is happening inside an oven, where the presence of unseen ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ spots can have a seriously detrimental effect on the bearings which will only emerge once they reach their in-service destination.

Real-time Aerospace Heater Control

To ensure accurate, totally controllable heating and to prevent any degradation of the bearing during the heating process, the UNASIS Aerospace Bearing Heater has separate temperature probes, one each on the inner and outer bearing rings. This allows operators to monitor the desired temperature on each ring, but crucially it also automatically adjusts the temperature ramp-up rate in real time to ensure that the maximum temperature difference between the two rings is never exceeded – thus completely eliminating any possibility of differential thermal expansion with its associated degradation of bearing performance and service life caused by false brinelling.

Size Options

There are three different UNASIS bearing heaters that can support the vast majority of bearing applications in the Aerospace industry. Max weight is broken down into 50kg, 150 kg and 200kg or (110lbs, 330lbs and 440lbs, respectively).

Proof of Work Reports

Using the latest touch-screen technology, the UNASIS Aerospace Bearing Heater can be set to automatically control the temperature ramp up rate in RealTime to ensure that the maximum temperature differential is never exceeded. Data is collected as the individual rings are heated, and users can graph this against time on a chart. Thus the temperature differential between the two rings is recorded so that proof of work reports in Excel format can be stored/issued: data can be readily downloaded onto a USB stick.

No Magnetism

The UNASIS Aerospace Bearing Heater has been designed to create zero magnetism during operation, because bearings that have been magnetised can sometimes exhibit undesirable in-service vibration. UNASIS Aerospace Bearing Heaters have been designed from the outset to provide users with a simple, practical and precisely controllable method of heating very expensive bearings. The data collection, recording and storage facility which is a feature of all UNASIS Aerospace Bearing Heaters provides the ability to fine-tune bearing heating to a new level.

Eliminates Excessive Thermal Expansion Mismatch
Real-time Aerospace Heater Control
Size Options
Proof of Work Reports
No Magnetism

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