Bearing Lubrication and Relubrication

Lubrication degradation and contamination is one of the leading bearing failure modes. Therefore, proper lubrication selection, application and maintenance procedures are critical to achieve the maximum performance from your bearings. When the correct lubrication is applied, a thin film affect is present during the operating of the rolling element bearing. This acts as a load-bearing protective film that separates the operating components. This also allows for heat generated by friction to be dissipated which prevents excess wear which could lead to premature failure.  Bearing lubrication can also shield from ingress of contaminants, moisture and also provide corrosion resistance. 

Carter engineers are experts in the field of tribology and the principals of friction, lubrication and wear. Standard bearing greases don’t take into consideration the specific application so consulting an expert to determine the optimum lubrication can drastically improve your bearing performance. Standard, off-the-shelf bearings don’t consider individual applications so Relubrication services can be exactly what is required.


Lubrication examples:


  • Vacuum compatible lubrication
  • Food-grade lubrication
  • Low temperature lubrication
  • High temperature lubrication
  • Dry lubrications
  • Molybdenum disulphide coating
  • Tungsten disulphide coating
  • Graphite filled lubrication
  • XtrPoly coating
  • Nuclear compatible lubrication
  • Radiation-resistant lubrication


We offer these services in small to large volumes when typical manufactures would not get involved. Allow us to add value to your mechanical system by improving the bearings through lubrication services.

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