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Carter defence bearing solutions help radar and tracking devices find and monitor threats with pinpoint precision.

As equipment manufacturers seek better ways to rotate precision military equipment with ever greater speed and accuracy, so the Carter Defence Selection of precision bearings has evolved. Our bearings for defence applications are specially designed for the loadings, operating temperatures and speed demands made in arduous military applications. They provide great stiffness and excellent torque performance yet remain light in weight, are durable, precise and have a thin cross-section which saves valuable space.

Carter has a range of bearings specifically designed and developed for defence applications. Our range includes versions which are super-thin, superlight and extremely durable whilst delivering levels of positional accuracy that lead the world. Our special thin section bearings provide unrivalled precision and smoothness yet allow critical control and signal cabling and wiring, (including fibre-optics) to be routed through the bearing centre to facilitate designs that are smaller, more robust, more resilient and more resistant to damage.


We have a range of bearings for high vacuum defence applications such as those found in space, and we also have special bearing designs (including hybrids) and special materials that cope with excesses of cold and heat. Other types in the Carter portfolio include heavy duty, lightweight slewing rings with or without gears and ancillary equipment, gimbal bearings and bearings designed specifically for ultra-high speed running. A variety of casing, ball and cage designs are available, as are various lubrication options for defence environments, including solid lubricants.

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