Custom Aerospace Bearing Tool Design

Aerospace Bearing Tools are typically standardised  to drive down cost and ensure tool availability. When presented with a unique project, it’s important to have a supplier that has a track record of successful custom tools and immediate response time.

Please see our Common Clearance Constraints page which illustrates many tool restrictions. These are just some of the access problems that would either require a tooling modification or a custom design.


  • MRO Access Challenges
  • Anti-Rotation Tabs
  • Colinear Lugs
  • Lug at an Angle
  • Spot Faces
  • Deep Chamfers
  • Offset Bearing Location
  • Many more


It is also common for component manufactures to desire optimisation in their production line to drive down costs. We work with these companies to design processes and then manufacture the tools to suit. This can include custom fixtures, quick-release tool shanks, and interchangeable components. Every project has its own challenges and ensuring your tools are tailored to you can be paramount for a successful operation.

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Custom Aerospace Bearing Tools

Here you will find some examples of our Custom Aerospace Bearing Tools. Having been specializes in these products for many decades, our back catalog of solutions is immense and we already have solutions for most challenges. 


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