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Custom Bearings

Our custom bearing designs and modifications are tailored to thrive in unique applications.

When confronted with a design challenge, a cataloged bearing is not always a suitable option. Carter is a leading supplier of custom bearings with full technical services to support the most extreme environments. Whether it is modifying a standard product or a completely bespoke proposal, Carter can rely on decades of proven solutions with access to cutting-edge technology.


Anti-Rotation Features

Anti-rotation features are commonly added to remove any relative motion between the bearing and its mating components. These features can be added to standard bearings or designed specifically into a custom bearing. There are many options and Carter bearing experts will determine which is suitable for your application.

Internal Clearance Adjustments

The bearing internal clearance can be adjusted if the application requires increased clearance due to high temperatures or an internal preload to reduce radial or axial movement.


  • Lubrication modifications is a very common service at Carter Bearings. No batch is too small to relubrication standard bearings with unique lubrications for ultra-high vacuum, food grade, low temperature, high temperature and many more.
  • Learn more at Specialist Coatings and Lubrications.

Oil Holes and Grooves

Features can be designed into the bearing to control the lubricate rate at high speeds.

Unique Geometry

Completely custom bearing designs can be provided with engineering support and lifetime evaluation.

Exotic Materials

One of the most common reasons for a custom bearing is the material.  With bespoke bearing designs, any material can be utilized for improve lifetime characteristics due to corrosion resistance, fatigue strength, high temperature hardness, cryogenic temperature compatibility and many more. Consulting with bearing experts at Carter will reveal if a material upgrade will provide value to your final product.

Precision Modifications

  • Precision modifications can be made to standard bearings to save cost and delivery time on a brand-new design. Our bearing experts will guide you through the process to ensure the structural integrity of the bearing remains.
  • Learn more at Bearing Modifications.

Bearing Assemblies

  • Carter can provide precision matched components for bearing assemblies to offer a “plug-and-play” solution. We will get involved at the machine design phase to provide unparalleled bearing application technical support.
  • Learn more at Bearing Applications Engineering.
Anti-Rotation Features
Internal Clearance Adjustments
Oil Holes and Grooves
Unique Geometry
Exotic Materials
Precision Modifications
Bearing Assemblies

Bearing Materials

52100 Chrome Steel

440C Stainless Steel

316 Stainless Steel

M50 Tool Steel



Stellite 6B®

Beryllium Copper







Full Complement

Spacer Slugs, Toroids & Spacer Balls





Standard Plating

Dry Lubricants

Aerospace Approved Lubrications

Vacuum Compatible Lubrications

Low Torque Lubricants

Food Grade Greases

Radiation-Resistance Greases

Low Temperature Lubrication

High Temperature Lubrication

Waterproof Grease

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Our bearing engineers are equipped to provide a range of technical services tailored to your project. Explore our range of technical services which will be tailored to add value to your project.


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