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Our technical expertise makes Carter the number one choice in providing bearing solutions, from deep-sea exploration to outer space.

Carter is a first-choice global supplier of precision bearings and aerospace bearing tooling. Working with leading industries to supply custom bearing and tooling solutions – such as aerospace, defence, nuclear, medical, cryogenicultra-high vacuum and space – has provided Carter with the experience and technical capability to support customers across the globe with unique solutions.

Carter provides industry-leading bearing solutions, adapted to meet each client’s requirements. Setting us apart from our competition, our accomplished team of engineers are able to react quickly and provide original bearing designs. 
The expert manufacturing process is the core of our business, ensuring that all products are high-quality. Accredited with internationally recognised certifications such as ISO 9001, AS9120, and the approved supplier status with world-leading companies proves our dedication to quality is unrivalled.

Our experienced engineers are expert at providing bearing solutions


We create high-quality bearing solutions for space applications, used in launch vehicles and satellites

Carter have long since been leaders in the industry, thanks to the innovation, expertise, and accomplishment of our staff. Positioned to build upon leading-edge technology and using state-of-the-art computer-aided design, FEA analysis, and our unique bearing life calculation software, we support our customers and provide them with only the highest quality bearing solutions that are cost-effective on industry beating production lead times..


Our dedication to meet our customers' critical requirements and design challenges is paramount to our success and strength as a first-choice technical solution provider in bearing technology. We consistently achieve technical excellence and innovation which regularly benefits and improves trade for our varied clientele.

We value the relationships we create with our customers and they remain at the heart of our business operation. These relationships result in cost-effective solutions that ensure our customers always remain at the top of their field. Our continuous training and improvement process ensures that our staff are able to work together to implement our wide portfolio of specialist bearing products, so our customers can concentrate on what they do best. Our engagement with customers ensures that the most challenging bearing applications are successful. 

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Carter is approved to ESA

Carter becomes an approved supplier for the European Satellite Agency (ESA), using years of experience in the manufacture of products and tools for the aerospace industry to provide hybrid rocket propulsion bearings.

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Karl Brundell

Managing Director

Maria Romero Caudeli

Financial Director

Francesca Brundell-Romero

Sales Director

Meraz Ali

Business Development Manager

Richard Fogg

Technical Sales Manager

Will Finlay

Sales Executive

Liam Joyce

Marketing Executive

Ben Roberts

Senior Engineer

Nathan Butterfield

Technical Engineer

Louis Font

Technical Engineer

Elif Cakir

Technical Engineer

Trevor Buckell

Logistics Contact

Alec Aldridge

Quality and Compliance Manager

Leanne Secker

Accounting Contact

Rebecca Gray

Human Resources Contact

Erick Sloan

Americas Contact

Anthony Mehrwerth

Americas Sales Support Representative

Jon Gossman

Americas Business Development Manager

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Carter has carefully cultivated a complex network of world-class couriers and international freight forwarding companies, allowing Carter to successfully trade globally. With speciality negotiated worldwide rates, Carter ensures the most competitive prices for all customers, no matter their location. Skilled in expediting shipments, our staff are there to ensure products are delivered efficiently and economically.


Located close to Oxford, our facilities have prime transport links to all major airports and ports, allowing Carter to deliver products on a next day delivery basis for many worldwide locations. All Carter deliveries are meticulously shipped with the correct documentation for each location, including certificate of conformance, commercial invoice, and critical clearance documentation including AST certificates and ITAR compliance.

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“What makes us exceptional is our team. We have the best bearing engineers and technical support in the industry which allows us to solve our customers’ most challenging applications.”  

Karl Brundell, Managing Director, Carter Manufacturing Limited"

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