Robots. Superfast, ultra-precise weightlifters that move quickly and with incredible repeatable precision thanks to Carter bearings for robotics

Todays’ industrial robots can move substantial payloads over longer reaches and with greater precision than ever before. For example, one model of a leading customers’ robots has a reach more than 2.5m with a payload of 300kg: yet it achieves a repeatable positional accuracy of +/- 0.3mm, delivered over a 20-year lifespan involving millions of cycles. This combination of weight carrying and precision, together with the incredible speed of modern robots is maximised by the use of special thin-section bearings for robotics from Carter Manufacturing.  

Thin section bearings from Carter are used in the majority of robot joints due to their low mass, high rigidity and space saving capacities. We make it possible to pivot, swivel, hinge and twice into new forms of production. Carter slewing rings form the bases – and basis - of the main rotation functions of many robots.  Thin-section bearings from Carter are light in weight, meaning less mass and therefore reduced inertia in robot applications. This allows designers to up-spec the delivered robot performance or to reduce the energy required to operate the robots.


Thin-section robotics bearings from Carter have a cross-section that does not increase with the bore diameter, yet they provide precision with strength, stiffness and durability. They are available in radial, angular and four-point configurations. The four-point configuration is adept at dealing with a combination of radial, thrust and overturning moment loads which makes a single thin-section bearing from Carter ideal to replace a pair of heavier, larger angular contact bearings. This allows designers to simplify robot design, reduce physical size and lose weight whilst upscaling performance, precision and longevity. Further, robot designers can route cables and air lines directly through the centre bore of lightweight thin section Carter robotics bearings.


We also offer non-magnetic, corrosion resistant, high temperature and ultra-high vacuum compatible bearings for robotic mechanisms that require specialist materials or arrangements to get the job done.

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