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Proof Load Test Machine



  • V-Groove Bearing or Chamfered Bearing
  • V-Groove or Chamfered Housing
  • Sleeve Can Be Present







  • As this is a capital expenditure, we work with customers to find the best value



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This Aerospace Proof Load Test Machine utilizes precision UNASIS Anvil Proof Load Test Tools. This machine can control the amount of load applied to the bearing with incredible accuracy. You can preset the ramp-up rate to 1% per second and hold the load for a desired time. The axial displacement of the bearing with respect to the housing is then accurately measured to determine the success of the test. When you need to conduct a push out test, there is no more accurate solution on the market. 


Common process specifications:

  • AIPS 03 03 012
  • AIPI 03 03 012
  • BAC5435
  • NAS0331
  • Many more


If you are looking for a simple to use, portable, all-in-on solution then please find information regarding the UNASIS Portable Proof Load Kit.


Please speak with our Engineers to see how Carter can support your anvil proof load testing requirements.



Computer Controlled Load Application

This machine can increase axial static load at a rate of 1% per second until a required value is reached.

Save Programs

This machine allows you to develop an efficient program and save it for future use. This drastically reduces run time for repeat and high volume productions. 


Beyond just proof load testing, this machine can also be programmed to function as a precision tensile test machine. Therefore, it is multi-functional and highly adaptable to your needs.

Accurate Displacement Measurements

This is the most accurate machine available for proof load testing. This will leave nothing to chance and drastically improve your capabilities.

Computer Controlled Load Application
Save Programs
Accurate Displacement Measurements

Product Details

The UNASIS Proof Load Test Machine is the top-of-the-line for bearing push out tests. This machine has been expertly designed for quick set-up time and unmatched accuracy and repeatability. 


Please get in touch with our Engineers today to learn more about how this machine can add value to your facility. 

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