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When it comes to bearings for the oil and gas industry, Carter has the experience and strategic products to solve your problems.

Deep drilling for oil and gas is one of the most demanding environments for any bearing to survive and perform in. Drill heads sometimes go down more than a mile and deal with temperatures of over 150° Celsius (302° F) and pressures reaching over 10,000 psi. Carter leads in the field in this environment with a range of down-hole tool bearings and also cam followers, which act as guides for drilling equipment.

Carter thin section bearings for oil and gas applications are designed to handle radial, axial, and overturning moment loads simultaneously. They do so whilst providing exceptional stiffness with low rotational torque. Special casing design and advanced roller manufacturing techniques combine to provide oil and gas engineers with bearings they can rely on.


Carter bearings are specially designed to excel in directional drilling applications, especially on the drilling head which operates with bores of up to 8” and displacement angles of up to 30°. In some cases, to deal with the unprecedented demands of directional drilling, up to 8 Carter corrosion resistant angular contact bearings are stacked to help the design of the drilling head cope with the axial and shock forces. The bearings are designed to be durable, ultra-precise and as friction-free as possible to maximise drilling performance. They are also designed to cope with exposure to hostile environments including slurry, mud and water in addition to crude oil.


Carter slewing rings are the preferred choice for an increasing number of leading manufacturers of offshore lifting and manipulating equipment – especially when there are space or weight limitations.

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