Aerospace approved bearings keep critical components working while you’re 38000ft up.

From flap actuators to LOX turbo pumps, instrumentation to intruder detection systems or door latches to dump valves, all Carter Manufacturing aerospace bearings come with the most stringent quality assurances.

For worldwide customer peace of mind, Carter is accredited to ISO9001, incorporating the requirements of AS9120 with flow-down from AS9100. It means we’re fully equipped to supply all your aerospace bearing needs. Our bearings can include AS9102 Aerospace First Article Inspection Reports for traceability of all raw materials and special processes along with full dimensional analysis.


Our bearing engineers employ SolidWorks to design custom aerospace bearing solutions personalized to each project. We utilize our proprietary bearing application software to test theoretical bearing performance which assists in engineer decisions. With our software, we are able to provide detailed reports which better educate our customers and validate mission critical decisions. Our technical assistance expands with our FEA analysis and our unique understanding of how to decipher this data to optimize mechanical performance.


In addition to a powerful portfolio of aerospace bearings, Carter also manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of bearing tools including staking, swaging, cutting, proof loading and break away torque test tools. Additionally, we manufacture and sell a comprehensive aerospace bearing tool kit (for bearing removal and replacement as well as testing and calibration) under our Unasis brand: carry one of these on board and a potential bearing related AOG situation can be avoided.


Decades of experience supplying into the Aerospace market

Custom Aerospace Bearing Design capabilities for small to medium volume solutions

Strategic stock and modern warehousing to handle flight critical Aerospace bearings

ISO9001, AS9210, AS9100, AS9102 First Article Inspection Reports

Exotic materials for rings, rolling elements and cages with specialist lubrication and coatings

Stock availability for Aerospace bearing tools

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