Leading the global market in specialist cylindrical roller bearings.

Based in Italy, Unitec has been the leading global manufacturer of specialist cylindrical roller bearings for almost 40 years, finding success supplying projects worldwide as part of the Mondial Group: Europe’s most respected manufacturers of precision components for demanding applications.

As an approved distributor of Unitec products, Carter have enjoyed a long and distinguished partnership with them that we look forward to carrying into the future.

Manufacturer of choice for machine tool, steel, and heavy industrial applications

Special bearing designs for gearboxes, universal joints, and positioning and indexing tables

Customisable bearings for paper, print, plastic, textile, and earthmoving machines

Unitec Schaeffler Myonic LiBe
RTB 80 YRT 80 AXRY 80-EX SEL/Y 080
RTB 100 YRT 100 AXRY 100-EX SEL/Y 100
RTB 120 YRTC 120 AXRY 120-EX SEL/Y 120
RTB 150 YRTC 150 AXRY 150-EX SEL/Y 150
RTB 180 YRTC 180 AXRY 180-EX SEL/Y 180
RTB 200 YRTC 200 AXRY 200-EX SEL/Y 200
RTB 260 YRTC 260 AXRY 260-EX SEL/Y 260
RTB 325 YRTC 325 AXRY 325-EX SEL/Y 325
RTB 395 YRTC 395 AXRY 395-EX SEL/Y 395
RTB 460 YRTC 460 AXRY 460-EX SEL/Y 460
RTB 580 YRTC 580 AXRY 580-EX SEL/Y 580
RTB 200 HSA YRTS 200 AXRY 200-EX-S (ES/OS)* SEL/YAV0200
RTB 260 HSA YRTS 260 AXRY 260-EX-S (ES/OS)* SEL/YAV0260
RTB 325 HSA YRTS 325 AXRY 325-EX-S (ES/OS)* SEL/YAV0325
RTB 395 HSA YRTS 395 AXRY 395-EX-S (ES/OS)* SEL/YAV0395
RTB 460 HSA YRTS 460 AXRY 460-EX-S (ES/OS)* SEL/YAV0460
RTB 580 HSA N.A. N.A. N.A.
RTB 150 AMS YRTCMI 150 -XL AXRY 150-EX-MI150 N.A.
RTB 180 AMS YRTCMI 180 -XL AXRY 180-EX-MI150 N.A.
RTB 200 AMS YRTCMI 200 -XL AXRY 200-EX-MI150 N.A.
RTB 260 AMS YRTCMI 260 -XL AXRY 260-EX-MI150 N.A.
RTB 325 AMS YRTCMI 325 -XL AXRY 325-EX-MI150 N.A.
RTB 395 AMS YRTCMI 395 -XL AXRY 395-EX-MI150 N.A.
RTB 460 AMS YRTCMI 460 -XL AXRY 460-EX-MI150 N.A.
RTB 150 ABS YRTCMA 150 -XL AXRY 150-EX-MA150 N.A.
RTB 180 ABS YRTCMA 180 -XL AXRY 180-EX-MA150 N.A.
RTB 200 ABS YRTCMA 200 -XL AXRY 200-EX-MA150 N.A.
RTB 260 ABS YRTCMA 260 -XL AXRY 260-EX-MA150 N.A.
RTB 325 ABS YRTCMA 325 -XL AXRY 325-EX-MA150 N.A.
RTB 395 ABS YRTCMA 395 -XL AXRY 395-EX-MA150 N.A.
RTB 460 ABS YRTCMA 460 -XL AXRY 460-EX-MA150 N.A.
SRB 1545 ZARN 1545-TV N.A. SEL/Z015045
SRB 2052 ZARN 2052-TV AXZN2052-X-TVPB SEL/Z020052
SRB 2062 ZARN 2062-TV AXZN2062-X-TVPB SEL/Z020062
SRB 2557 ZARN 2557-TV AXZN2557-X-TVPB SEL/Z025057
SRB 2572 ZARN 2572-TV AXZN2572-X-TVPB SEL/Z025072
SRB 3062 ZARN 3062-TV AXZN3062-X-TVPB SEL/Z030062
SRB 3080 ZARN 3080-TV AXZN3080-X-TVPB SEL/Z030080
SRB 3570 ZARN 3570-TV AXZN3570-X-TVPB SEL/Z035070
SRB 3585 ZARN 3585-TV AXZN3585-X-TVPB SEL/Z035085
SRB 4075 ZARN 4075-TV AXZN4075-X-TVPB SEL/Z040075
SRB 4090 ZARN 4090-TV AXZN4090-X-TVPB SEL/Z040090
SRB 4580 ZARN 4580-TV AXZN45105-X-TVPB SEL/Z045080
SRB 45105 ZARN 45105-TV AXZN4580-X-TVPB SEL/Z045105
SRB 5090 ZARN 5090-TV AXZN50110-X-TVPB SEL/Z050090
SRB 50110 ZARN 50110-TV AXZN5090-X-TVPB SEL/Z050110
SRB 55115 ZARN 55115-TV AXZN55115-X-TVPB SEL/Z055115
SRB 60120 ZARN 60120-TV AXZN60120-X-TVPB SEL/Z060120
SRB 65125 ZARN 65125-TV AXZN65125-X-TVPB SEL/Z065125
SRB 70130 ZARN 70130-TV AXZN70130-X-TVPB SEL/Z070130
SRB 75155 ZARN 75155-TV AXZN75155-X-TVPB SEL/Z075155
SRB 90180 ZARN 90180-TV AXZN90180-X-TVPB N.A.
SRB 1545 L ZARN 1545-L-TV N.A. SEL/ZL015045
SRB 2052 L ZARN 2052-L-TV AXZN2052-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZL020052
SRB 2062 L ZARN 2062-L-TV AXZN2062-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZL020062
SRB 2557 L ZARN 2557-L-TV AXZN2557-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZL025057
SRB 2572 L ZARN 2572-L-TV AXZN2572-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZL025072
SRB 3062 L ZARN 3062-L-TV AXZN3062-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZL030062
SRB 3080 L ZARN 3080-L-TV AXZN3080-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZL030080
SRB 3570 L ZARN 3570-L-TV AXZN3570-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZL035070
SRB 3585 L ZARN 3585-L-TV AXZN3585-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZL035085
SRB 4075 L ZARN 4075-L-TV AXZN4075-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZL040075
SRB 4090 L ZARN 4090-L-TV AXZN4090-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZL040090
SRB 4580 L ZARN 4580-L-TV AXZN45105-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZL045080
SRB 45105 L ZARN 45105-L-TV AXZN4580-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZL045105
SRB 5090 L ZARN 5090-L-TV AXZN50110-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZL050090
SRB 50110 L ZARN 50110-L-TV AXZN5090-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZL050110
SRB 55115 L ZARN 55115-L-TV AXZN55115-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZL055115
SRB 60120 L ZARN 60120-L-TV AXZN60120-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZL060120
SRB 65125 L ZARN 65125-L-TV AXZN65125-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZL065125
SRB 70130 L ZARN 70130-L-TV AXZN70130-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZL070130
SRB 75155 L ZARN 75155-L-TV AXZN75155-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZL075155
SRB 90180 L ZARN 90180-L-TV AXZN90180-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZL090180
SRB 1545 T N.A. N.A. N.A.
SRB 2052 T N.A. N.A. N.A.
SRB 2062 T N.A. N.A. N.A.
SRB 2557 T N.A. N.A. N.A.
SRB 2572 T N.A. N.A. N.A.
SRB 3062 T N.A. N.A. N.A.
SRB 3080 T N.A. N.A. N.A.
SRB 3570 T N.A. N.A. N.A.
SRB 3585 T N.A. N.A. N.A.
SRB 4075 T N.A. N.A. N.A.
SRB 4090 T N.A. N.A. N.A.
SRB 4580 T N.A. N.A. N.A.
SRB 45105 T N.A. N.A. N.A.
SRB 5090 T N.A. N.A. N.A.
SRB 50110 T N.A. N.A. N.A.
SRB 55115 T N.A. N.A. N.A.
SRB 60120 T N.A. N.A. N.A.
SRB 65125 T N.A. N.A. N.A.
SRB 70130 T N.A. N.A. N.A.
SRB 75155 T N.A. N.A. N.A.
SRB 90180 T N.A. N.A. N.A.
SRB 1560 F ZARF1560-TV N.A. SEL/ZF015060
SRB 2068 F ZARF2068-TV AXZF2068-X-TVPB SEL/ZF020068
SRB 2080 F ZARF2080-TV AXZF2080-X-TVPB SEL/ZF020080
SRB 2575 F ZARF2575-TV AXZF2575-X-TVPB SEL/ZF025075
SRB 2590 F ZARF2590-TV AXZF2590-X-TVPB SEL/ZF025090
SRB 3080 F ZARF3080-TV AXZF3080-X-TVPB SEL/ZF030080
SRB 30105 F ZARF30105-TV AXZF30105-X-TVPB SEL/ZF030105
SRB 3590 F ZARF3590-TV AXZF3590-X-TVPB SEL/ZF035090
SRB 35110 F ZARF35110-TV AXZF35110-X-TVPB SEL/ZF035110
SRB 40100 F ZARF40100-TV AXZF40100-X-TVPB SEL/ZF040100
SRB 40115 F ZARF40115-TV AXZF40115-X-TVPB SEL/ZF040115
SRB 45105 F ZARF45105-TV AXZF45105-X-TVPB SEL/ZF045105
SRB 45130 F ZARF45130-TV AXZF45130-X-TVPB SEL/ZF045130
SRB 50115 F ZARF50115-TV AXZF50115-X-TVPB SEL/ZF050115
SRB 50140 F ZARF50140-TV AXZF50140-X-TVPB SEL/ZF050140
SRB 55145 F ZARF55145-TV AXZF55145-X-TVPB SEL/ZF055145
SRB 60150 F ZARF60150-TV AXZF60150-X-TVPB SEL/ZF060150
SRB 65155 F ZARF65155-TV AXZF65155-X-TVPB SEL/ZF065155
SRB 70160 F ZARF70160-TV AXZF70160-X-TVPB SEL/ZF070160
SRB 75185 F ZARF75185-TV AXZF75185-X-TVPB SEL/ZF075185
SRB 90210 F ZARF90210-TV AXZF90210-X-TVPB SEL/ZF090210
SRB 1560 FL ZARF1560-L-TV N.A. SEL/ZFL015060
SRB 2068 FL ZARF2068-L-TV AXZF2068-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZFL020068
SRB 2080 FL ZARF2080-L-TV AXZF2080-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZFL020080
SRB 2575 FL ZARF2575-L-TV AXZF2575-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZFL025075
SRB 2590 FL ZARF2590-L-TV AXZF2590-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZFL025090
SRB 3080 FL ZARF3080-L-TV AXZF3080-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZFL030080
SRB 30105 FL ZARF30105-L-TV AXZF30105-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZFL030105
SRB 3590 FL ZARF3590-L-TV AXZF3590-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZFL035090
SRB 35110 FL ZARF35110-L-TV AXZF35110-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZFL035110
SRB 40100 FL ZARF40100-L-TV AXZF40100-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZFL040100
SRB 40115 FL ZARF40115-L-TV AXZF40115-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZFL040115
SRB 45105 FL ZARF45105-L-TV AXZF45105-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZFL045105
SRB 45130 FL ZARF45130-L-TV AXZF45130-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZFL045130
SRB 50115 FL ZARF50115-L-TV AXZF50115-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZFL050115
SRB 50140 FL ZARF50140-L-TV AXZF50140-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZFL050140
SRB 55145 FL ZARF55145-L-TV AXZF55145-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZFL055145
SRB 60150 FL ZARF60150-L-TV AXZF60150-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZFL060150
SRB 65155 FL ZARF65155-L-TV AXZF65155-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZFL065155
SRB 70160 FL ZARF70160-L-TV AXZF70160-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZFL070160
SRB 75185 FL ZARF75185-L-TV AXZF75185-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZFL075185
SRB 90210 FL ZARF90210-L-TV AXZF90210-X-L-TVPB SEL/ZFL090210
SH1560 DRS1560 DRS1560 N.A.
SH2068 DRS2068 DRS2068 N.A.
SH2080 DRS2080 DRS2080 N.A.
SH2575 DRS2575 DRS2575 N.A.
SH2590 DRS2590 DRS2590 N.A.
SH3080 DRS3080 DRS3080 N.A.
SH30105 DRS30105 DRS30105 N.A.
SH3590 DRS3590 DRS3590 N.A.
SH35110 DRS35110 DRS35110 N.A.
SH40100 DRS40100 DRS40100 N.A.
SH40115 DRS40115 DRS40115 N.A.
SH45105 DRS45105 DRS45105 N.A.
SH45130 DRS45130 DRS45130 N.A.
SH50115 DRS50115 DRS50115 N.A.
SH50140 DRS50140 DRS50140 N.A.
SH55145 DRS55145 DRS55145 N.A.
SH60150 DRS60150 DRS60150 N.A.
SH65155 DRS65155 DRS65155 N.A.
SH70160 DRS70160 DRS70160 N.A.
SH75185 DRS75185 DRS75185 N.A.
SH90210 DRS90210 DRS90210 N.A.
HIF M20X1 N.A. LF20 N.A.
HIF M20X1.5 N.A. LF20 N.A.
HIF M25X1.5 N.A. LF25 N.A.
HIF M30X1.5 N.A. LF30 N.A.
HIF M35X1.5 N.A. LF35 N.A.
HIF M40X1.5 N.A. LF40 N.A.
HIF M45X1.5 N.A. LF45 N.A.
HIF M50X1.5 N.A. LF50 N.A.
HIF M55X2 N.A. LF55 N.A.
HIF M60X2 N.A. LF60 N.A.
HIF M65X2 N.A. LF65 N.A.
HIF M70X2 N.A. LF70 N.A.
HIF M75X2 N.A. LF75 N.A.
HIF M90X2 N.A. LF90 N.A.
HIA M20X1 AM20 LA20 N.A.
HIA M20X1.5 N.A. N.A. N.A.
HIA M25X1.5 AM25 LA25 N.A.
HIA M30X1.5 AM30 LA30 N.A.
HIA M35X1.5 AM35 LA35 N.A.
HIA M40X1.5 AM40 LA40 N.A.
HIA M45X1.5 AM45 LA45 N.A.
HIA M50X1.5 AM50 LA50 N.A.
HIA M55X2 AM55 LA55 N.A.
HIA M60X2 AM60 LA60 N.A.
HIA M65X2 AM65 LA65 N.A.
HIA M70X2 AM70 LA70 N.A.
HIA M75X2 AM75 LA75 N.A.
HIA M90X2 AM90 LA90 N.A.
HIR M20X1 ZM20 LR20 N.A.
HIR M20X1.5 N.A. LR20 N.A.
HIR M25X1.5 ZM25 LR25 N.A.
HIR M30X1.5 ZM30 LR30 N.A.
HIR M35X1.5 ZM35 LR35 N.A.
HIR M40X1.5 ZM40 LR40 N.A.
HIR M45X1.5 ZM45 LR45 N.A.
HIR M50X1.5 ZM50 LR50 N.A.
HIR M55X2 ZM55 LR55 N.A.
HIR M60X2 ZM60 LR60 N.A.
HIR M65X2 ZM65 LR65 N.A.
HIR M70X2 ZM70 LR70 N.A.
HIR M75X2 ZM75 LR75 N.A.
HIR M90X2 ZM90 LR90 N.A.
HIK M20X1 N.A. N.A. N.A.
HIK M20X1.5 N.A. N.A. N.A.
HIK M25X1.5 N.A. N.A. N.A.
HIK M30X1.5 N.A. N.A. N.A.
HIK M35X1.5 N.A. N.A. N.A.
HIK M40X1.5 N.A. N.A. N.A.
HIK M45X1.5 N.A. N.A. N.A.
HIK M50X1.5 N.A. N.A. N.A.
HIK M55X2 N.A. N.A. N.A.
HIK M60X2 N.A. N.A. N.A.
HIK M65X2 N.A. N.A. N.A.
HIK M70X2 N.A. N.A. N.A.
HIK M75X2 N.A. N.A. N.A.
HIK M90X2 N.A. N.A. N.A.

Established in Italy in the early ‘80s, Unitec has been manufacturing and supplying high-quality cylindrical roller bearings for specialist applications for almost 40 years. Their diverse range of both standard and customised cylindrical bearings and associated products have established a reputation for reliability and product performance across multiple industries.


As well as showing clear success in the machine tools and steel sectors, Unitec is also frequently used for the supply of customised bearings for plastic extruders. They also have a range of standard and custom units specially designed for paper converting machinery, earth movers, lifting devices, and machines in the textile industry.

As an approved distributor of Unitec products, Carter has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with the brand.


Unitec’s range of standard and customised bearings have become the products of choice for many of the Carter customers in the machine tool sector and they offer an extensive range of specialist products for use both inside and outside of this industry.


Their wider product portfolio includes self-aligning bearings, multi-row cylindrical roller bearings, Sendzimir bearings, double- or triple-roller bearings, inner rings with rollers, outer rings with rollers, and complete assemblies. Unitec can also supply chain wheels in hardened and case-hardened steel, specified with a cylindrical or profiled outer ring, and with or without steel, shaft, or grease nipple. This highly flexible range of specifications ensures they can provide you with a comprehensive and high-performance solution whatever your requirements.  

From the beginning to the end of the process, Unitec is dedicated to providing high-quality solutions for customer-specific requirements. Backed by one of the world’s largest bearings groups, they have many years of experience in producing specialist and non-standard bearings for specific applications worldwide.


In the steel industry, Unitec have established a reputation for reliability with multi-row roller bearings for laminating cylinders, bearings for chain wheels and back-up rollers for straightening machines and other heavy-duty applications. They also have a range of bearings well suited for use in gearbox tandems in twin-screw extruders, as well as multi-row radial bearings with cages and full complement bearings.


Unitec’s products are widely specified for bearings in positioning and indexing tables, milling heads, and ball screw support units. They can also manufacture bearings for bespoke and specific applications including backup rollers for straightening machines, combined needle roller bearings, bearings for industrial universal joints, track rollers, and cam followers.


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