Renewable Energy

Precision bearings that have turned the tide to create renewable energy

The demands made on bearings in hydroelectric turbine and hydropower energy production are unique. It’s a hostile environment where users demand a testing combination of high corrosion resistance, a long maintenance-free service life and the lowest possible torque for maximum energy efficiency. Carter has developed special bearings for hydroelectric power generation machinery and for use in tidal energy applications. They feature combinations of exotic materials, are lubrication free and can be specified as lubricated for life too. Full ceramic bearings, hybrid ceramic/stainless, plastic and bespoke custom products all headline in our extensive portfolio for renewable energy equipment.

Carter has always been in the vanguard of bearing innovation and development as new methods of harnessing renewable energies continue to evolve. Using our extensive experience in designing and manufacturing bearings for other advanced technology sectors such as Aerospace, nuclear, defence and ultra-high vacuum applications, our range of special bearings for the renewable energy industry has become a benchmark for the sector. Valves, sluice gates, wicket and roller gates, spiral turbines: they all depend on trouble-free bearings from Carter to deliver a lifetime of clean energy production. Our low friction, high durability bearing options includes a variety of bearing and cam roller types that allow designers incredible freedom, providing smooth running with minimal or zero maintenance and outstanding corrosion resistance.


The choices are wide and the options list is extensive: our Renewable Energy bearing experts are on hand to offer free and impartial advice on every aspect of bearing technology for applications in the sector and we’re only a call away.

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