THK world-class premium quality and high precision from OEM Distribution partner Carter.

THK introduced the world’s first linear motion slides with rolling contact in 1972. Their Linear Motion (LM) guides have transformed the accuracy and performance of machine tools and industrial robots and today THK manufacture guides can perform with sub-micron accuracy. THK’s precision linear system is always the first choice in applications where smoothness and precise accuracy is key, including liquid crystal manufacturing lines, railway carriages, specialist vehicles, aerospace, and medical equipment. Carter supplies the full range of THK linear solutions and has been an industry-leading Approved Distributor of THK LM Guides for more than a decade.

THK are a recognised world leader in linear movement technology

Offering slides, ballscrews, rollers, and guides, with full engineering support

Specialised for all applications including precision medical, machine tool, and aerospace

THK LM guides from Carter are always the preferred option in industries that demand constant precision, absolute smoothness, and exceptional durability. This is why aerospace, transportation, semiconductor, robotics, automation, and machine tool industries remain our top customers. A number of new high-precision applications stemming from a range of other industries continue to emerge, and Carter are always available to offer suitable application solutions.


Carter are an OEM distribution partner to THK. Offering engineers technical support to develop applications allows Carter to benefit from the advantages offered by world-leading companies such as THK.


Carter provides a large spectrum of THK products ranging from precision ballscrews and crossguides, to motorised cylinders and heavy-duty motor actuators. Carter can also offer professional and expert advice on the right THK products to suit any application, including clean-room and vacuum environments. Many THK linear products are compliant with EU RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU associated with the correct application and restrictions on the use of hazardous substances.


THK are the sole supplier of the most extensive product ranges in their market sectors, including linear motion products, feed screw products, rotational products, and oscillating products. Their innovative and pioneering approach to bearings has given them a competitive product advantage. Combined with their extensive knowledge, THK are dedicated to the ongoing development and improvement of all their products.


THK offer unrivalled product quality and are recognised as one of the world-leaders in linear motion technology and manufacture. THK ensure that downtime and machine failure are minimised by utilising skilled and qualified engineers from Carter. This provides cost-effective long-term solutions that meet application requirements and always exceeds customer requirements.

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