Carter exhibiting at Farnborough International Air Show 2018

Carter exhibiting at Farnborough International Air Show 2018

Date Published: Dec 14, 2018

The FIA Show 2018 is shaping up to be the largest the show has ever been with record numbers of exhibitors and visitors registered. The show caters for both Trade and Public visitors. FIA 2018 will showcase over 1500 exhibitors from 52 countries at the 70 000 SQ meter exhibitions space. 82 of the top 100 Companies exhibited in 2016. Being a leader in the Aerospace industry Carter Manufacturing is proud to be exhibiting alongside other key global market influencers. The FAI show features a hotbed of innovation and emerging technologies which is exactly what we are all about. Carter Manufacturing is your preferred Aero bearing and tooling partner.


The show focus will be on custom aerospace bearing design and manufacture for new aerospace and satellite applications. Do you have a new satellite or aerospace project that requires a bearing that is not currently available? Is there an interface or feature that you would like to incorporate into your bearing? 


Does your application load or environment exceed the capability of standard bearings? Do you need your product to be manufactured by an AS9100 certified company? If you answered yes to any of these questions you need to speak to a Carter Engineer on stand to discuss how we can provide the perfect solution. Custom manufactured bearings are available in a multitude of combinations. We can offer bearings manufactured using speciality materials to suit your needs. We are able to offer ceramic and hybrid bearings, high temperature bearings, corrosion resistant bearings, vacuum compatible bearings for space applications, dry film lubricated bearings produced to a maximum 18″ (450mm) in diameter. Custom bearing ring materials; 52100, M50, M50Nil, 440C, XD15NW, Pyrowear 675, Silicon Nitride, specialty rolling element materials; 2100, M50, 440C, Silicon Nitride (Ceramic), specialty cage materials; Steel, Bronze, Silver Plated Steel or Bronze, Nylon, PEEK™, Vespel™, Torlon™, Phenolic, Specialty coatings; Molybdenum Disulfide, Dicronite, Thin-Dense Chrome (TDC), Titanium Carbide (TiC), Nickel, Zinc


FAA – PMA reverse engineering and manufacturing solutions are the perfect way to improve part availability, reduce cost or provide you with an alternate source. Bearing suppliers and manufacturers that were not integrated into an aircraft at the point of original design must obtain an independent PMA from the FAA. The necessary PMA-FAA certification inspection data, as well as added assurances that its aircraft bearing manufacturing meets or exceeds supplier standards for form, fit and function. Are your parts no longer in production? Do you need an alternate source for your aerospace certified bearing? If you have any requirement for FAA approved PMA parts please speak to one of our engineers on stand.


Thin section bearings are used where weight and space are critical – thin section bearing provide the perfect solution. Silverthin precision thin section bearings are specifically designed and manufactured to withstand speed, temperature, and load specifications needed by the aerospace and defence markets because they offer high stiffness and low torque while meeting weight and size reduction requirements. Thin section bearings are ideal for airborne applications. A large bore, small profiled cross-section bearing allows the use of a large diameter hollow shaft in place of a smaller diameter solid shaft, king-post design. The weight saving by this type of design is not available from other types of bearings. Components such as optical path signals, air and hydraulic lines, or electrical wiring and slip rings can then be accommodated resulting in a neater, more compact and ultimately efficient design. Thin section bearings are used on many fixed and rotary wing aircraft such as Jet fighters, Helicopters, Commercial aircraft, Cargo planes and UAV. Thin section bearings are used in aircraft applications such as landing wheels, APU, navigation, winches, target acquisition pod, refuelling boom arms, counter measure systems, gearbox and rotor pitch, swash plate, propulsion and control systems. Space applications also benefit from using thin section bearings. Space applications such as communication satellites, space station, telescopes, even space vehicles such as the Mars rover all use thin section bearings. Talk to a Carter engineer on the stand to learn how thin section bearings can be incorporated into your design.


Aerospace bearing tooling offered by Carter Manufacturing include tools for installation, removal and testing tools for new and old bearing assemblies. Correct installation of bearings is crucial to exploiting the full potential that the bearing has to offer. The repercussions of a poorly installed bearings can be far reaching regardless of whether you are installing a bearing into an airframe or a suspension system. Carter Manufacturing bring you the full range of UNASIS Aerospace bearing installation tools which give the ability to correctly install your bearing first time, every time. With a wide range tools on offer, as well as the ability to work with our customers in designing bespoke tools for one-off applications, Carter are able to cater to all our customers’ bearing tooling needs. The installation and removal tools have been proven to improve the installation of bearings leading to a cost and time saving benefit to all our customers. Carter offer a wide range of bearing installation tools to complete the following operations: bearing swaging, bearing spinning, roller swaging, bearing staking, ball staking, anvil staking, chisel staking, V-groove staking, break away torque testing, proof-loading and load-testing. The aerospace tooling conform to the following manufacturer’s specifications; Aerospatiale, Airbus, Airesearch, Barry Controls, Bell Helicopter, Boeing, Bombardier, Cessna, Douglas, Fairchild, General Dynamics, Grumman, Martin, McDonnel, NAA, Northrop, NWL, Parker, Sikorsky and Vought. If you use aerospace tooling you need to speak to a Carter engineer!


Aerospace bearing testing and bearing test rig manufacture. Develop your company’s own in-house bearing testing capability with a custom bearing test rig. We offer the complete design and build service of your bearing test rig. There are a number of sizes and types to meet your specific requirements. Rigs can be fitted with manual or fully automated controls to help you assess bearing efficiency, fatigue life, wear and material characteristics, as well as lubricant analysis. Advancements in bearing technology and the evolution of the global supply chain can justify the value of in-house bearing testing. Carter Manufacturing also offers bearing and application support to solve difficult bearing design and bearing test complexities. Whether a new or existing design, give the bearing the respect it deserves and contact a Carter engineer for us to assist you in your bearing selection. New equipment can significantly help to improve manufacturing reliability. Aerospace bearing testing and test rigs solutions offered by Carter Manufacturing include; Full service test rig manufacturing, initial design to finished product, customized for your specific application, automotive rigs and testing, aerospace rigs and testing, industrial rigs and testing, OEM specific testing and test rigs. The test rigs are built to test any rolling element bearing or plain bearing. Choice of test platforms, control options, and operating parameters. High quality and reliability, based on proven internal design. Bearing test rig component manufacturing services, including specialty gauges, bearing inspection and bearing test fixtures. Bearing test rig maintenance and service plans are all available. Talk to a Carter engineer to find out more about bearing testing and test rigs.

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