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The Carter Precision Optical bearing team is located near Oxford, in the midst of a high-technology cluster featuring motorsport, nuclear, medical, defence and aerospace industries centred around the Thames Valley. Whether for medical devices and instruments in a hospital or for target acquisition and tracking equipment in military applications, Carter bearings for optical applications save space and weight. Further, they offer the unrivalled precision that is vital for the accurate positioning of all optical devices. Smooth running optical bearings from Carter allow designers to see and realise their objectives more clearly.

Carter thin section bearings for optical applications can be found in a diverse range of applications from the cameras that have shot the latest cinema blockbusters to airborne, battlefield and seagoing optical tracking systems and target designators. They are also widely used in medical devices as well as laser rangefinders and designators for both military and civilian applications. With expert bearing engineers, precision internal preload values can be supported to achieve incredibly accurate torque and stiffness requirements.


Carter bearings for optics have a large bore but a very thin cross section, offering super smooth movement coupled with absolute precision from the smallest of spaces. The bore size allows designers to run cables through the bearing centres: it saves valuable space and helps them to deliver smaller, lighter and more compact designs. The Carter portfolio of bearings for optical uses includes steel, ceramic and hybrid bearings, providing designers with the ability to specify the best possible materials whatever their optical device loading, temperature and rotational speed requirements are.

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