When the chips are down, Carter bearings keep semiconductor manufacturing processes sterile.

The semiconductor manufacturing sector is a well-automated, high-technology industry that makes extensive use of exotic materials, chemicals, and processes that are amongst the most unfriendly and demanding for machinery bearings. Carter supplies specialised bearings that are designed to survive and thrive in the highly corrosive manufacturing processes and clean-room environments associated with semiconductor manufacture. Carter bearings can be specified for use in ultra-cool cryogenic processes (down to -252°C / -485°F) and are available with special lubricants that have been developed for use in clean-room and ultra-high vacuum applications.

From wafer probes to positioners and pick/place robots through to vacuum deposition systems: wherever precision devices need to move or rotate in semiconductor manufacture and test, there is a specialty engineered thin section bearing solution from Carter to suit the application. The Carter portfolio of thin-section bearings, hybrid bearings, ceramic bearings, and plastic bearings for the semiconductor industry is available either ex-stock or fully customised to maximise performance and minimise friction, contamination, corrosion, outgassing, and wear. Specialist Carter bearing engineers are experienced in the design needs for semiconductor manufacturing machinery and can advise on the optimum materials and lubricants, such as hybrid and ceramic bearings, for operations in high vacuum (10-8 to 10-12 Torr) and in localised temperatures above 250°Celsius. They can also advise on minimising particulate generation, and on tolerances for thin-section bearings to be used in corrosive chemical environments. In some specialised semiconductor manufacturing applications, hybrid bearings deliver improved torque characteristics and can also extend the service of bearings in marginally lubricated applications. Our industry-experienced engineers can advise on this too.


Decades of experience providing semiconductor bearing solutions to the most extreme environments. 

Completely customisable bearing assemblies with different materials and specialist lubrications. 

Stock availability or competitive delivery time of proprietary semiconductor bearings

Full technical bearing support with immediate response time

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