Using cutting-edge design and production processes, UNASIS is one of the top bearing and aerospace tooling manufacturers.

As the specialist manufacturing division of the Carter group companies, UNASIS caters to niche market needs that our competitors are unable to meet. These range from custom manufactures and aerospace bearings, to lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and high-temperature bearings.
UNASIS are always at the forefront of cutting-edge bearing technology, stemming from years of experience working with industry-leading market sectors. Qualified engineering staff, using specialist materials and manufacturing processes, are supported with modern designs, FEA analysis, and innovative bearing lifetime calculation software.

UNASIS are at the cutting edge of bearing engineering technology

Bespoke bearing solutions to always suit your requirements

Experience of bearing engineering in the most extreme environments

UNASIS, based in Oxfordshire, are always being presented with challenging bearing applications. Engineers at UNASIS began to develop creative and bespoke bearing solutions to support nuclear research, ultra-high vacuum, and cryogenic engineering sectors. Using premium materials such as ceramic, speciality steels, dry film lubrication options, and speciality lubricants, UNASIS were able to engineer bearing solutions for situations that previously seemed impossible.


The unparalleled knowledge of the UNASIS engineers led to a wider application of bearings. UNASIS delved into more custom work, such as aero-derivative industrial gas turbines, supplying bearing solutions to the Drayson world-record electric car, and the installation, removal, and testing of equipment for industrial, commercial, and defence aerospace applications. From deep-water exploration to satellite reaction wheels, UNASIS is always the solution of choice.

The partnership between UNASIS and Carter supplies Carter with unique bearing solutions that other suppliers were unable to provide. As part of the Carter group of companies, UNASIS is privately owned and operated, ensuring that their focus is always on providing high-quality bearing and aerospace bearing tooling solutions, no matter the requirements.


With over twenty years of providing bespoke bearing solutions to customers, UNASIS have proven themselves to be adept at dealing with the most challenging cases.

UNASIS is proven to supply premium products that are engineered and manufactured by experts. Through experience, expertise, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, and complex software systems, UNASIS products remain industry-leading.


They consistently set themselves above their competitors. Through industry-leading short-lead times and meeting and exceeding customer requirements, UNASIS provides a service that is unmatched. UNASIS prides themselves on their excellent customer relations, and by providing an engineering team who create an open discourse, your need and requirements are heard and applied directly, throughout the whole process.

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Having Carter as our distribution partner has sky-rocketed our ability to support extreme environment applications. We are able to combine decades of technical excellence to deliver the best bearing and bearing tool related solutions. There is no better partnership in the specialist bearing world.

Karl Brundell, Managing Director, Unasis International Limited

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