Aerospace certified rod end and spherical plain bearings for the most demanding applications

Aurora Bearing Company, with Carter as its approved technical partner, is the globally respected manufacturer of rod ends, spherical bearings, and journal bushings. These premium quality products are widely specified for critical applications in demanding aerospace, space and military equipment.

In addition to an extensive portfolio of premium quality standard products, the Aurora range available from Carter also includes custom designed rod ends and spherical bearings. Associated standard and bespoke custom linkages also feature prominently in the Carter Aurora offering.

Included in the extensive Aurora customer list are Boeing, Airbus and a large number of other primary manufacturers across the wider aerospace industry. As examples, Aurora products have been specified for use on both of the Mars rovers (‘Spirit’ & ‘Opportunity’) as well as the Cassini probe which is currently orbiting Saturn. Many high profile jet and fighter programmes also rely extensively on Aurora products. Included amongst these are the F-16, F22 and F-35 as well as a number of upgrade programmes which are also under way as older platforms are refreshed using the latest technologies.

Aurora and Carter are both engineering based businesses staffed by highly trained expert personnel. They work with designers tasked with developing new aircraft, spacecraft and defence related vehicles and platforms. Carter staff are all qualified engineers, many with aerospace backgrounds.

Standard or custom engineered for critical applications

Widely used in aerospace and space flight

ISO 9001:2015 & AS9100D Aerospace Certified

Aurora was formed in 1971 by a team of bearing professionals with the vision of becoming the best provider of premium quality rod ends, spherical bearings and linkages. Within a short space of time the business had established an enviable reputation for quality and has grown to become a world leader in the rod end and spherical bearing industry. Aurora entered the aerospace market in 1985 and the quality of its products ensured that the business quickly became a key supplier to Boeing, NASA, Raytheon and Northrop Grumman. The company’s standard and custom engineered products include spherical plain bearings, rod ends, journal bearings and linkages: Aurora is specified wherever safety critical operation is required. Typical applications include military aircraft, spacecraft, marine, transportation and theme park attractions. Protective coatings can be applied for many applications, and Aurora stainless steel rod ends and spherical bearings offer advanced corrosion protection where required, for example in the marine industry. Aurora stainless steel bearings feature bodies, balls and races that are all produced using heat treated materials to provide the ultimate corrosion resistance with a combination of strength and durability.

Carter is Aurora’s chosen technical partner for aerospace, space, defence and marine applications. The unique Carter and Aurora combination of industry knowledge and local support delivers a relationship that provides customer design teams with the best engineering solutions for the most challenging applications.


Carter has provided customers with Aurora rod end, spherical bearing and custom linkage solutions for  a wide ranging series of applications. Recent examples include spherical plain bearings used on robotic arms in spacecraft and satellites, through to rod ends and structural tie rods used on VTOL aircraft, military spec drones, UAV’s and commercial aircraft.


Carter’s relationship with Aurora provides customers with access to what we believe is the world’s most complete range of quality rod end and spherical bearings. Through Carter, they are available in configurations including 2-piece items designed for commercial and industrial applications with specially moulded race construction, as well as 3-piece precision designs. Carter offers access to the full range of Aurora products and provides expert, experienced application advice on all of them.

Aurora rod ends, spherical bearings and linkages from Carter are premium quality products covered by Carter’s ISO 9001:2015 & AS9100D aerospace certification. In addition to standard products, Carter and Aurora offer a bespoke custom ‘design and manufacture’ facility to ensure that whatever the application, a design team can have access to precision products that are perfectly suited to a project.


Aurora products from Carter are available on some of the shortest manufacturing lead times in the industry, and are all produced to the exacting standards demanded by the aerospace, defence and spaceflight industries.

Aurora has recently been acquired by The Timken Company, a world leader in engineered bearings and power transmission products. Timken intend to invest in Aurora to boost their market share in the specialist sectors that Aurora works in, including space, aerospace and defence, racing, off-highway equipment and packaging.

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