Medical Thin Section Bearings

Medical Thin Section Bearings

Date Published: Feb 22, 2021

Silverthin thin section precision bearings from Carter have been preferred by many manufacturers of high-technology, leading edge medical and pharmaceutical machinery for many years. Carter has bearing engineering experts who are intimately familiar with the needs of design and manufacturing engineers producing a wide variety of medical hardware. Typical applications for Carter’s light weight, space saving and ultra-high precision thin section Silverthin bearings include blood centrifuges, X-Ray equipment, PET scanners, CT scanners, and MRI machines. Specially customised four-point contact radial bearings together with twin-row angular contact bearings from Carter can be manufactured to unique customer requirements when space, weight, and precision are paramount in medical devices.


Silverthin’s engineering experience gives them the ability to design and manufacture lightweight, compact high-precision bearings to suit very specific requirements in the medical sector. The company, together with Carter, has pioneered new designs specifically tailored to the precise needs of the latest generation of medical machinery for use at the bedside, in the mobile response unit, the operating theatre and in the field. Increased speed of operation, more accurate positioning and reductions in machine size and noise levels have all been achieved by Silverthin thin section bearings from Carter.


Silverthin bearings are designed to be ideal for pharmaceutical applications as they can be supplied in both stainless steel and thin dense chrome plated options offering high corrosion resistance. For extended life, low friction and to cope with temperature variations, standard steel balls can be changed to silicon nitride ceramic balls accompanied by special lubricants specifically approved for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The Carter precision medical bearing engineering team is located near Oxford, in the midst of a high-technology cluster featuring motorsport, nuclear, medical, defence, and aerospace industries centred around the Thames Valley. Carter’s expert staff are all highly-trained engineers and provide customer design teams with a unique blend of experience, ability, expertise as well as access to advanced simulation software that assists in the selection and/or design of the ideal bearing for high-tech, demanding applications.

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