Two-Wheel Swaging Tools



  • V-Groove Bearing
  • Chamfered Housing
  • Sleeve Not Present

Tool Style Availability


  • Drill Press
  • Portable

Delivery Time


  • From in stock to 8 weeks.
  • AOG services are available upon request.


A two-wheel swaging tool can be an effective way of installing a grooved bearing. It uses two wheels at a tightly controlled location to gradually press the v-groove of the bearing into the chamfer of the housing. 


We do not prefer this method for reasons you can review on the page Common Bearing Swaging Methods. If your process specifications restricts your tool options and you require a 2-wheel staking tool, Carter can provide full support on this requirement. Rotary swaging tools are our speciality.


It’s important to collaborate with a supplier who ensures the tool fits within the assembly first try. We provide engineering support and custom modifications to fit within challenging clearance restrictions. In the image gallery section below you will find a blocker door application that required custom modifications.


Please get in touch with our Engineers about your two-wheel swaging tool requirements for immediate technical support.



Tool Compatibility

Some versions of two-wheel bearing swaging tools can be easily adaptable for different size bearings. Our portable design can use different shafts and washers to modify the swage groove diameter. This creates potential complications so please reach out to our engineers to discuss the best option for your team.

Technical Support

Every tool we supply is supported with our immediate and comprehensive technical support. Should training be required or there are issues with production, we go the “extra mile” to support or trouble shoot any circumstance.

Black Oxide Coating

The addition of black oxide coating creates for a protective layer for oil to fight against corrosion.

Tools In Stock

Access to hundreds of tools from stock for the entire bearing installation and testing process. From bearing swaging tools and bearing cutting tools to proof load test tools – Carter has them in stock. Some versions of two-wheel swaging tools are stocked but sometimes require to be made to order. Other options may be suitable for AOG jobs.

Tool Longevity

Upgraded materials and heat treatment processes proven to outlast competition. We also offer spare components to maximize your investment.

Tool Compatibility
Technical Support
Black Oxide Coating
Tools In Stock
Tool Longevity

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Please get in touch with our Sales Engineers to discuss your technical requirements.

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