Nippon Bearings

Producing super-precision linear bearings products, Nippon Bearing provides high-quality solutions for new applications worldwide

Established in Japan in 1939, Nippon Bearings are an established provider of specialist precision linear bearings. With over 80 years of experience, they take a hands-on approach to deliver the best engineering design solutions for their customer’s high-specification requirements.

As well as constantly striving to advance their offerings to customers, Nippon Bearings have an extensive product range encompassing linear guides, ball splines, slide bushes, top balls, rotary slide bushes, spline shaft, actuators, slide screws, and their new and innovative EXRAIL product range.

Strong focus on research and development

Bespoke, high-precision linear solutions

Industry-beating production times

Established in 1939, Nippon Bearings have long been a leading innovator in the linear bearings sector, providing high-quality solutions to precise specifications. With their primary focus on research and development, their hands-on approach has rewarded their business, placing it at the forefront of the industry for product development and industry-leading designs.  


This, combined with their skill and experience developing bespoke engineered solutions for customer-specific applications, has placed them above other manufactures, making them the premium choice for providing linear product solutions for even the most demanding applications.

With our focus on providing high-quality, special application bearings for strict requirements, we are a perfect fit for Nippon Bearings. Their solution-driven approach and ability to adapt products specifically to the need of the customer helps us to engineer and provide bespoke solutions, wherever they’re needed.


Some such places where we utilize Nippon Bearing linear products include ultra-high vacuum (UHV), aerospace, defence and space, nuclear and radioactive, chemical, and high-temperature applications. In these environments, accuracy and reliability are vital, and Nippon Bearing’s application-driven products provide this every time.

Our linear experts are ready to support you with your latest application from design to construction. Through our partnership with Nippon Bearings, we can provide our customers with a fully adaptable range of products, allowing them to select, design, and build linear applications to their specific requirements on time and on-budget.


With engineering experts from multiple fields and disciplines, the linear application experience of both Carter and Nippon Bearings ensures that you get full technical support from concept to final manufacture.

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