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Portable Proof Load Tool for MRO



  • V-Groove Bearing or Chamfered Bearing
  • V-Groove or Chamfered Housing
  • Sleeve Can Be Present




  • Portable




  • Complete MS14101 and MS14103 range in stock along with many BACB10FA and BACB10FB series
  • Custom design available for all bearing types
  • AOG services are available upon request


The Clevis Style Portable Proof Load Tool is the culmination of decades of experience in the MRO industry. This tool kit is designed to suit the most challenging clearance restrictions such as blocker doors and ailerons. It is expertly designed to be ergonomic during on-wing repairs or on a benchtop.


This proof load tool utilizes a proprietary load cell with a  0.88in OD rated over 3,000lbs. This had to be custom designed for our kit as it's not commercially available in the market.  Because of this, the UNASIS clevis-style portable proof load tool kit is the most accurate tool in the market for testing within tight clearance restrictions. 


This tool conforms to most major OEM process specifications such as BAC5435 and NAS0331. It is expertly designed to measure the displacement of the bearing with respect to the housing under an applied load. This is a turnkey solution for proof load testing.



Design for Clearance Restrictions

This is the smallest possible design profile that can fit in the most challenging access restrictions within the aircraft. 

Calibrated Precision Electronics

Every electronic component comes calibrated to Aerospace standards ensures the highest standards of quality are supported. The load cell is custom manufactured to have the smallest possible outer diameter and the highest load capacity. 

Kitting and Custom Cases

The clevis style proof load kit comes with a custom laser cut case. It is turnkey so you can bring it directly to your workstation or location on the aircraft to complete the proof load test. 

Tools in Stock

The complete MS14101 and MS14103 ranges are in stock along with a range of BACB10FA and BACB10FB. All bearing options are available for a custom build. 


The clevis style proof load kit was designed to be easily interchanged between bearing sizes. This will minimize your investment to maximize the range of bearings you can proof load test. 

Design for Clearance Restrictions
Calibrated Precision Electronics
Kitting and Custom Cases
Tools in Stock

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