Oxygen Bearing Cleaning Services

Oxygen-rich environments are susceptible to hydrocarbons so it is critical that oxygen service bearings have been correctly cleaned.

Carter Manufacturing Ltd. provide bearing cleaning & relubrication services for oxygen, nitrous oxide, and other reactive gases. The service eliminates hydrocarbons, unapproved oils, and contamination. For example, applications with Liquid Oxygen (LOX) such as turbo pumps have a high risk of explosion, if exposed to non-compatible materials. Once bearings have been correctly cleaned they can be relubricated with suitable oxygen-safe grease. We hold key oxygen-compatible greases in stock or can lubricate with grease to customer specifications.


Oxygen-safe bearing applications include:

   - The aerospace sector, including space & defense applications

   - Commercial industrial cryogenic pumps, blowers, and compressors

   - Vacuum pumps in oxygen service used in scientific research and commercial industrial applications

   - Rotary devices used in industrial and medical fields

   - Recreational uses for oxygen apparatus such as scuba diving equipment


Our bearings come double packaged for security with a warning stating not to contaminate them as they are ready to be installed directly onto the equipment.


Carter Manufacturing Ltd. is a trusted name, in the bearing industry that offers top-quality oxygen-bearing cleaning services along with state-of-the-art bearings perfectly engineered for these applications. Get in touch with our Sales Engineers to discuss how we can be your one-stop bearing shop for extreme environments or Click here to send an enquiry.


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