Cobra dry solid lubricant from Carter: the rugged, longer life choice for arduous bearing applications in harsh environments

Carter is the European Master Distributor for Cobra dry solid lubricant. It is the lubrication game changer for challenging applications, including those involving extremes of heat or cold. CSL survives and thrives where others fail, and has become the lubricant of choice for users in demanding and hostile environments.

Withstands radiation

Ideal for food processing applications

No need for seals or shields

Cobra Solid Lubricant™ (CSL) is a dry, graphite based solid lubricant that has been specially developed for ball and roller bearings, conveyor wheels and conveyor components. It is a mixture of graphite and chemical binders and is prepared in such a way that the mixture is injected into a clean bearing and then thermally cured to harden it within. The solidified mixture fills all of the space between the inner and outer bearing races, completely encapsulating the rolling elements and the cage and providing lifelong, maintenance-free lubrication. When the bearing rotates the graphite lubricant moves in conjunction with the cage and rolling elements, depositing a thin film of material on every surface it touches, thus preventing metal-to-metal contact and extending bearing life.

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In partnership with Carter Bearings, Unique Technologies Associates (UTA) is committed to providing our customers with lubrication solutions focused on enhancing their manufacturing environments by way of achieving long-term application consistency and output, as well as high yielding cost-saving opportunities. UTA’s proprietary, dry, graphite-based Cobra Solid Lubricant™ products are formulated to perform even in the most difficult of applications. The characteristics of our products allow for great extremes in temperature without any change in starting torque or lubricity.



Eugene Kverel, President & CEO, Unique Technologies Associates

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