Bearing Reverse Engineering

Bearing reverse engineering is a comprehensive service to design a bearing that meets or exceeds the original manufacture’s product. This could be required if a bearing is no longer in production and a machine is down or if the current bearing cost is prohibitive and a new vendor must be introduced into the supply chain. Bearing reverse engineering and manufacturing can help you take control of your supply chain and save money but it’s important to contract a bearing specialists.

Please see FAA-PMA Custom Aerospace Bearings for Aerospace applications.


The use of highly experienced bearing engineers and specialized equipment is necessary to determine critical features such as raceway curvature, conformity, internal clearance and tolerances. A wealth of application specific knowledge and a database of bearing drawings helps drive the tougher design decisions such as tolerances when a large sample size isn’t available.


Thorough material analysis sheds light on the base materials, heat treatments, special coatings or lubrications. Cross referencing this data with industry standard specifications allows us to confidently classify the material and governing standards.


Carter’s personal approach to bearing reverse engineering ensures the customer always have full visibility on the process, design considerations and the end result. We then work with you to manufacture these bearings to the highest possible quality standards.

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After our Bearing Reverse Engineering services, we can offer Custom Bearing manufacturing to suit this design. From small to large lot sizes, our delivery times are among the best in the world with the highest quality and traceability.

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