Slip Ring Bearings

Slip Ring Bearings

Date Published: May 24, 2021

Special thin section bearings from Silverthin allow designers to keep current with the latest advances in slip ring technology. The use of thin section bearings in slip ring designs is one of the most efficient ways of saving space and weight and well proven methods for designers to transmit electrical signals from a fixed part of a design across to a moving part with the minimum of energy loss. Silverthin’s expertise in the design of thin section bearings for slip rings goes back to its beginnings as a manufacturer of precision thin section bearings for defence and aerospace applications. Modern slip ring designs need to cater for increasingly higher currents and amperages, yet be packaged into ever-smaller spaces in almost every application.


To permit this, Silverthin thin section bearings are specifically designed to reduce the overall size of a slip ring assembly, and their large bore allows for the routing of electrical cables, data cables, and cooling or heating pipes direct through the centre of the bearing, effecting maximum use of minimum space whilst coping with high speeds and large forces.


Silverthin thin section bearings for slip rings can be specified in a variety of types to suit varying design needs. CPO (Radial) combined with XPO (Four point contact) and ARO (angular contact) configurations all facilitate smooth and accurate rotation in slip rings across a large range of sizes, rotational speeds and loadings, and each brings different sets of advantages to designers. The special Silverthin slip ring bearings are available in a wide range of sizes to suit most typical slip ring sizes, with ID’s that range from 1” up to 40”.


The Carter Slip Ring thin section precision bearing team is located near Oxford, in the midst of a high-technology cluster featuring motorsport, electrical, nuclear, medical, defence and aerospace industries centred around the Thames Valley. Carter’s expert staff are all highly trained engineers and provide customers with an unrivalled blend of experience, ability and expertise. Critically, the experienced team also provides customers with unique access to Carter’s R&D Department, as well as a bespoke SolidWorks design programme. This is backed up with what we believe is the most advanced bearing simulation software for slip ring applications anywhere, which all customers have access to.


Slip rings are widely used in marine, aerospace and defence applications for mechanical winches, wind turbines and fibreoptic rotary joints to name just three of many uses for which they are ideal. Slip rings are often the designers first choice for an application which needs to transfer electrical signals from a stationary to a rotating structure, and Silverthin bearings from Carter are the ideal solution.


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