With our high temperature bearings, we keep turning when others can’t stand the heat.

Ordinary steel bearings don’t last long in high temperature environments like steel making. The casings expand, the polymers in the cage degrade and lubricants evaporate. Any one of these elements can cripple a bearing and halt production, never mind all three occurring at the same time. So Carter has developed a range of special bearings designed exclusively for use in ultra-high temperature applications such as steel making.  With special materials, special cages, and special lubricants, steelmakers can keep a cool head when the bearings get hot thanks to Carter.

Carter’s special bearings for steelmaking are rated for continuous operation at rated load and RPM in operating temperatures of up to 330° C (626° F). Different types have been designed for different needs and applications. For example, some Carter high temperature furnace bearings are designed for low rpm with high load whilst others are designed for higher rpm with high load.


Carter bearing engineers will recommend the optimum bearing type and lubrication dependent upon the particular steel making or furnace application. For example, some Carter high temperature bearings are lubricated and sealed for life whilst others require further lubrication following installation, and we will advise on this based on years of experience in this specialist field.


We can offer Cobra solid lubrication bearings which have no liquid lubrication. This allows the bearings to run with minimal operating torque and ensures the bearings are lubricated for the bearings lifetime. Hybrid and ceramic bearings are another option when the heat exceeds 330° C (626° F). No matter the temperature, we have a high temperature bearing solution for you.

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