Thin Section Bearings - Split

UNASIS Split Thin section bearings help design engineers to maximise space whilst maintaining the freedom to produce innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Combining the best qualities of standard solid ring thin bearings with flexible designs allows for the production of lightweight precision assemblies. Thanks to their manufacture, their standard 420 stainless steel with NYLON cage means they are ideally suited to be the best option in top industries, including space, defence, ultra-high vacuum, nuclear research, and semiconductor.
These specialised bearings range from 4.5mm to 12.7mm and are both compact and lightweight. Thanks to an innovative cage design and split assembly method that allows for a very high ball compliment, load capacity is maximised. Bearings are also available with rollers that can be supplied in cross roller and angular roller configurations to further increase capacity.
The split inner and outer ring design of the bearings allows for elasticity in mounting over features in the mating components. Once mounted, the bearing relies on the shaft and housing to control the clearance or preload, therefore giving more control in manufacturing and assembly.

Split Thin Section Ball Bearing

Split Thin Section Roller Bearing


High Ball Compliment

The innovative split race design of the UNASIS bespoke thin section bearing offers a substantial increase in ball complement to provide a number of unique benefits including:

  • Higher rigidity
  • Greater dynamic and static load rating
  • Greatly increased durability
  • Reduced radial runout

420C Stainless Standard

All UNASIS bespoke split thin section bearings come with 420C stainless steel rings, providing high corrosion resistance and greatly reduced maintenance requirements.

Low Mass

The thin structure of the bearing, coupled with increased load capabilities, means that the mass of an application can be significantly reduced when compared to a standard thin section bearing.

Highly Customisable

The UNASIS split thin section bearing’s innovative yet simplistic design creates a highly customisable bearing that includes options for:

  • Alternative ball types such Ceramic balls
  • Different cage material options such as PEEK or Stainless Steel
  • Custom bore dimensions
  • Designing-in as an integral part of a rotating mass in parent materials of aluminium, steels, copper etc

Constant Cross Section

The constant cross section of the UNASIS split thin section bearings means that solutions can be designed with an ultra-low low profile that still provides extreme smoothness and precision even with large shaft bores

Split Races

The unique split design allows design engineers new freedoms with “Never before possible” application geometry, together with many other added benefits compared to a standard thin section bearing.

Fast Delivery

The UNASIS split thin section bearing range is manufactured from wire stock rather than bar so material availability is always readily available. Therefore, delivery time is as quick as from stock to a maximum of 4-5 weeks.  When compared to conventional non-stock thin section bearings ranging from 24-40 weeks delivery, this is difference could keep your machines in service.   

High Ball Compliment
420C Stainless Standard
Low Mass
Highly Customisable
Constant Cross Section
Split Races
Fast Delivery

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