Custom Aerospace Bearing Tools



  • V-Groove Bearing or Chamfered Bearing
  • V-Groove or Chamfered Housing
  • Sleeve Can Be Present


Tool Style Availability


  • Anvil
  • Portable


Delivery Time


  • Hundreds of most popular sizes held in stock or on competitive delivery time for customs.
  • AOG services are available upon request.


Custom aerospace bearing tools are designed for a number of reasons. The most common issues are clearance restrictions such as anti-rotation features, unusually close features or access limitations for on-wing repairs. It’s very important to have a supplier who can respond quickly and effectively to technical requests. Carter has decades of experience with the most challenging applications and can reference from thousands of successful projects for immediate solutions.


Product Details

Utilizing the most recent SolidWorks CAD package, Carter can not only design custom bearing tools, otherwise thought impossible, but also can also carry out FEA on bearing testing equipment to ensure optimal performance. If housing dimensions are not available, we can 3D scan complex geometry and generate as a CAD file for bearing tool design purposes. Moreover, we can then 3D print these housings to test bearing tool compatibility after manufacture. Carter leaves nothing to chance and ensures every custom bearing tool design is fit for purpose.


Please see our page Common Clearance Constraints for an overview of situations where a custom bearing tool or modification may be required.


We provide kitting options for custom laser cut cases. We can include all tools necessary to do the job including spanners and sockets. Therefore, you can bring the case to the aircraft location and perform all necessary repairs with confidence that every tool is provided in a single case. This also protects your investment by having a specific location for every tool that can be marked and serialized for your tool crib. Our team is experienced and flexible to support custom, program specific, aerospace bearing tool kits to optimize workflow and maximize organizational standards.

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Custom Aerospace Bearing Tool Kits are completely portable, self contained and designed to suit a specific program. 

Custom Portable Proof Load Test Kit designed to fit within extremely limited access and effortless interchangeable between different sized bearings. 

All the tools required to cut out, remove, install, swage and proof load test the bearings on the V2500 Engine Mounts. Part of a larger custom Aerospace Bearing Tool kit.

This custom kit tests both swivel torque and breakaway torque and is compatible with MS14101 and MS14103 bearings from -3 to -16.

All the tools required to cut out, remove, install, swage, and proof load test the bearings on the CFM56-7B Engine Mounts. Part of a larger custom aerospace bearing tool kit.

All the tools required to cut out, remove, install, swage and proof load test the bearings on the CFM56-5B AFT Mounts. Part of a larger custom aerospace bearing tool kit.


Carter specializes in the custom design and manufacture of Aerospace Bearing Tools. Your application could clearance restrictions such as a blocker door or flight control system. Or maybe you would like to streamline your production with a custom tooling package. Carter has a back catalog of thousands of custom tool designs that can support any new project.

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