Carter specialised motorsport bearings provide a competitive advantage on the next generation of race car.

When Lola Drayson Racing wanted to set a new UK Speed Record for an electric car, they asked Carter to provide the expertise and bearings to do it with. The result? A new UK speed record for electric cars at 204mph. Carter specialist bearings for motorsport applications can be found in a wide variety of environments on all sorts of the most advanced and successful competition vehicles. Gearboxes, suspension struts and brackets, hubs and electric motors are just a few of the applications areas in which our high-tech bearings find their way to the podium, time after time.

Motorsport has always been a testbed for advanced technologies, and the development of electric racing vehicles looks set to continue accelerating at an unprecedented rate. Bearing technology is one of the key areas that offers a direct link between lightness, smoothness, quiet operation and the production of torque that electric motors are famed for; and Carter bearing technology remains at the forefront of these developments and advances in 21st Century motorsport technology.


Carter is located in Oxford, right in the centre of where 75% of worldwide motorsport research, design, development and manufacturing is said to take place. So it’s hardly surprising that when leaders in motorsport want better bearings, they come to the leaders in bearing technology. Carter’s bearing portfolio for motorsport applications includes a wide selection of types, materials (including ceramics and hybrids) and associated lubricants including world-beating ‘dry’ versions developed originally for space and satellite use.

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