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Ball Roller Swaging Tool



  • Chamfered Bearing
  • Sharp-Edge Housing
  • Sleeve Not Present

Tool Style Availability


  • Drill Press
  • Portable

Delivery Time


  • From in stock to 8 weeks.
  • AOG services are available upon request.


A ball roller swaging tool is used when the bearing is chamfered and the housing has a sharp edge. The tool gradually deforms the housing material onto the chamfer of the bearing thus locking it into place. The design of the ball roller swaging tool is critical as either too much or too little material on the bearing can have adverse effects. It will not be possible to use the housing again unless the hole is reamed and a much larger bearing is used although this is not a common practice with this method.



Technical Support

Immediate technical support with custom design and manufacturing expertise

Tools in stock

Access to thousands of aerospace bearing tools from stock, ready to ship out for AOG requirements

Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing on extensive product range

Top Quality

Upgraded materials and heat treatment processes proven to significantly increase tool lifetime. Tool designed to ensure consistent finish on housing after ball rolling process has been completed which gives best quality in the market. 

Cutting-edge Developments

UNASIS bearing tools is an industry leader in bearing tool developments for installations and testing.

Technical Support
Tools in stock
Competitive Pricing
Top Quality
Cutting-edge Developments

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