Super Precision Angular Contact

Carter builds on the proven advantages of the standard angular contact bearing design to offer new innovative engineering solutions.

The super precision angular contact bearing has been application proven in the machine tool sector over many years. Also known as a spindle bearing, the extreme accuracy, high speed, and increased load capacity of this product have ensured its continued position as the bearing of choice for the most exacting applications.

New materials and coatings have pushed the possibilities to improve engineering designs. Combined with many years of specialist bearing industry knowledge and application engineering experience, we have a proven track record in supplying precision bearings for applications ranging from reaction wheels in space satellite systems to high-accuracy optical sights.   

At Carter, we have worked to maximize these advantages in new and innovative ways, moving away from the machine tool sector into more challenging environments.


Contact Angle Options

The imaginary line that joins the point of contact of the rolling elements with the raceway and a perpendicular line to the rotational axis is defined as the contact angle. Our standard bearing range is designed with options of 15°, 25°, or 30°. There are also options for 18°, 35°, 40°, and 60° along with custom designs for specific applications.

Lubrication Options

Due to the demand for versatility, Carter can offer super precision angular contact bearings with a large variety of sealing options for use with grease along with open bearings for oil/air lubrication. We can also add additional dry film lubrications for an added bonus. Any lubrication can be incorporated into our bearings so reach out to our engineers to discuss what would work best with your project.

Bearing Materials

Our standard bearing material is vacuum degassed 52100 chrome steel for both rings and balls. When the opportunity arises, we can offer a large range of exotic bearing steels and ceramic rolling elements. If corrosion resistance is an issue, a cost effective option can be our Thin Dense Chrome Plated Bearings.

Thin Dense Chrome Plated Bearings

Thin dense chromium plating offers significant corrosion resistance to standard 52100 bearing steel. This layer is typically 2-4 µm and has a cone-shaped surface texture which gives a particularly good performance in extreme applications. It increases the surface hardness to around 78 HRC and improves speed capabilities, particularly when paired with silicon nitride ceramic rolling elements.

Precision Cages

Fabric reinforced phenolic resin cage is used as a standard for its high speed, low mass and stiffness capabilities. This has proven highly successful for most applications. If high temperature or unique operating conditions are present such as ultra-high vacuum or cryogenics, please reach out to our engineers who will happily support a tailored solution.

Wide Dimensional Series

From thin section to heavy duty bearing construction, our super precision angular contact bearings are available across the broad scope of sizes. Insider diameters range from 6mm to 360mm are within our standard range; however, we have many options to support additional sizes.  

Contact Angle Options
Lubrication Options
Bearing Materials
Thin Dense Chrome Plated Bearings
Precision Cages
Wide Dimensional Series

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