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Hybrid Ceramic Bearings to Solve Cryogenic Problem

Carter Manufacturing Ltd has solved a cryogenic bearing application problem with hybrid angular contact bearing that run within liquid nitrogen.


Carter Manufacturing Ltd, in conjunction with our manufacturing partners Isisz International, has been involved with cryogenic bearing applications for many years and have gained a great deal of knowledge on the uses of rolling element bearings in cryogenic applications.

Liquid nitrogen boils at approximately -196°C and is used extensively in a wide variety of machines throughout the world. Based in Oxfordshire Carter Manufacturing sits right at the heart of the area with the largest amount of cryogenic companies per head in the world, working in this environment Carter have become very familiar with cryogenic applications and the issues they present.

The problem with using standard bearings in cryogenic applications is that standard steels are unable to withstand the constant expansion and contraction cryogenic fluid causes, referred to commonly as thermal shock. This problem can cause bearings to prematurely bearing failure when not properly addressed.

The bearing solution Carter Manufacturing has provided is a pair of super precision 440C stainless steel angular contact bearings with a specialist XtrTD dry film lubricant which lubricates the races surfaces directly in cryogenic fluid. A special design of PEEK cage was incorporated into the assembly to allow flow of liquid through the bearing and retain the integral strength to survive the cryogenic temperatures. The bearings are able to withstand being in the stream of liquid nitrogen without cracking or stalling whilst still running at super precision tolerances time after time.

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