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Aerospace approved bearings keep critical components working while you’re 38000ft up.

From flap actuators to instrumentation, from fuel valves to door latches all aerospace bearings come with the stringent quality assurances.

Carter is accredited to level of BS EN ISO9001:2008 incorporating the requirements of EN 9120:2010 and AS 9120 Rev A meaning we are able to supply all your aerospace bearing needs.

In addition, to providing bearings Carter are also able to provide a comprehensive range of bearing tools including staking, swaging, cutting, proof loading and break away torque test tools.

Our partnership with Napoleon Engineering Services in the USA enable us to deliver custom made or small volume aerospace quality assured products directly to our European customers.

The Aerospace Bearings manufactured by NES are made using superior raw materials, higher precision classes, enhanced designs and mroe stringent manufacturing standards. Napoleon’s facility is equipped to handle the demands of both aircraft and space applications.

The capability extends to the design and manufacture specialty bearings for both the aircraft and space industries and includes ball and roller bearing products.

Specialty Ring Materials
52100, M50, M50Nil, 440C, XD15NW, Pyrowear 675, Silicon Nitride

Specialty Rolling Elements
52100, M50, 440C, Silicon Nitride (Ceramic)

Specialty Cages
Steel, Bronze, Silver Plated Steel or Bronze, Nylon, PEEK, Vespel, Torlon, Phenolic

Specialty Coatings
Molybdenum Disulfide, Dicronite, Thin-Dense Chrome (TDC), Titanium Carbide (TiC), Nickel, Zinc

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