Bearing Materials

Bearing materials play one of the most critical role in the performance of that bearing.  This section will break down popular bearings steels, exotic bearing steels and the best ceramic materials commercially available.

When determining a bearing material, there are many factors to consider such as corrosion resistance, operating temperature, chemical compatibility, magnetism, radiation resistance, cleanliness, out-gassing properties and many others. Steel bearings are the most common for a reason however ceramic bearings have been making a huge impact recently.


There are a variety of different ceramic materials each with their own different capabilities, advantages and disadvantages; their use in bearing and rolling element applications was pioneered by many of the space agencies and continues to be at the forefront of engineering technology.


Components made of ceramic materials have a number of special properties such as being a strong electrical insulators and highly resistant to temperatures opening a wider range of application than was thought possible prior to their utilisation.

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