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Custom Aerospace Needle and Roller Bearings

Carter Bearings is a market leading supplier for airframe control needle bearings and aircraft track roller bearings. These style bearings are designed to withstand heavy loads at relatively low speeds. They are commonly manufactured from high carbon chrome steel, AISI 52100 and can be plated with chrome, cadmium or zinc nickel for corrosion resistance. Various stainless steels such as AISI 440C are available for reduced maintenance and increased corrosion resistance.


Over the decades, this expertise has developed into much higher precision and flight critical components. Many precision aerospace roller bearings can be found in gear box systems and in high pressure turbines on main engine shafts. We utilize cutting-edge materials and technologies to add value to every application.


A typical application for track roller bearings is a slat or flap carriage assembly. They can also be found in door guidance systems or for undercarriage component guidance. You’ll find them in many cargo systems as well.



Product Details

Standard bearings are not suitable for all applications so having a manufacture that can offer custom solutions in prototype to production quantities with fast delivery times can be invaluable.


Carter offers decades of dedicated experience to needle and roller bearings. It is original product that started the company so Carter is at the forefront of development in this area. With immediate response time and expert technical support, Carter can find the best solution for your aerospace bearing application. Below are some material and coating options as added value options but the list is not exhaustive.


The common Mil Spec standard is SAE-AS39901 which superseded MIL-B-3990.

Bearing Materials

52100 Chrome Steel

440C Stainless Steel

316 Stainless Steel

M50 Tool Steel



Stellite 6B®

Beryllium Copper







Full Complement

Spacer Slugs, Toroids & Spacer Balls





Standard Plating

Dry Lubricants

Aerospace Approved Lubrications

Vacuum Compatible Lubrications

Low Torque Lubricants

Food Grade Greases

Radiation-Resistance Greases

Low Temperature Lubrication

High Temperature Lubrication

Waterproof Grease

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