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Cobra Solid Lubricant


Cobra Solid Lubricants are graphite based solid lubricants injected into clean bearings, either ball or roller, then thermally cured and hardened. The mixture nearly fills 100% of the space between inner and outer races and encapsulates the balls or rollers along with the cage.

The graphite solid lubrication moves in conjunction with the cage and balls or rollers and deposits a thin film of graphite along every surface it comes in contact with. This thin film prevents metal to metal contact thus minimizing the coefficient of friction within the raceway.


• CSL works within high and low temperature ranges (-150F to 660F or -101.11C to -384.44C) with no change in torque and no need for seals or shields.
• CSL withstands abrupt exposure to extreme heat (such as the opening of a furnace door) in which case a normal grease would burn out.
• CSL withstands moderate radiation found in sterilization processes where even high quality grease dry up and solidify.
• CSL withstands mild acids or alkalis, steam or solvents. It is suitable for common food processing procedures as it will not dissolve or fall apart during wash-downs.

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