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Lightweight Slewing Rings

Unasis Light Weight Corrosion Resistant Slewing Bearings

Lightweight Slewing Rings

The Unasis slewing bearing range offers a combination of options that incorporates corrosion resistant, lightweight split thin section bearing ranges into options of internally geared, externally geared, non-geared, cross roller, ball bearing and double row double directional axial roller bearings. The slewing ring materials are available in 420C Stainless Steel and Aluminium options that reduce weight for applications where weight is critical such as airborne navigation and guidance systems. The Unasis slewing rings are identified by the following part numbers; IKTE***, IKTI***, IKT***, IPT***, IPTI*** and IPTE*** – more information regarding each option is available in our product catalogue.

Unasis Slim Split Special Environment Bearings

In addition to the comprehensive range of Split thin section bearings, Unasis are able to offer bearings for use in application such as ultra high vacuum using a combination of fully compatible materials. Special options are available such as bespoke cages, ceramic rolling elements, bearing coatings and specialist lubricants are all available on request. Contact Carter engineering department to find out how we can help you revolutionise your ideas into motion.

Slewing Bearings

Lightweight slewing bearings are ideal for a variety of engineering options and are especially ideal when weight is an important factor such as on aeroplanes and where the aerodynamic ability of an object is important. Carter Bearing’s expert knowledge of slewing bearings guarantees that you can rely on the very best parts for your products and engineering projects resulting in the best possible motion and efficiency.

Lightweight Slewing Bearings

Thanks to our Oxford location, with its strong scientific roots, we are able to serve a whole community of customers throughout the world. Are experience in the field and knowledge of slewing bearing allows for us to support revolutionary ideas in engineering.

Lightweight slewing bearings are capable of radial, thrust and combined loads as well as full controlled rotation. This has seen them used in solar trackers, cranes for trucks, lifts for buildings and satellite antennas. They are able to stand the test of time and are easy to integrate in existing applications.

Aluminium Slewing Bearings

The use of aluminium slewing bearings allows for lightweight and easy application of bearings for a wide range of engineering needs. It is corrosion resistant and a reliable and essential part of whatever it’s used in. Helping run some of the most important machines from aeroplanes to military satellite antennas.

Whatever your needs for slewing bearings, you’ll find a wide range of lightweight slewing bearings to meet your needs and ensure efficiency in your product. With over fourteen years experience in the industry, you can rely on Carter Bearings for reliable products and service. We have the experience and knowledge of the area, enabling us to provide the bearings you need for your product – allowing it to run fast and stand the test of time for years to come.

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